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Sat May 04 2013 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Guthridge Park
Hiawatha, IA


Cycle Party Tunes


Party Ride

Distance - 17 Miles

This is an Overnight Party (Friday night optional) and Party Ride all while Hiawatha's City-Wide Garage Sale day is going on!

Here is a link to what the planned route is for the ride portion on Saturday morning thru afternoon. *Route subject to change with stop-offs and safety meetings. If it is raining a good amount, we will cancel the event.

Planned stops on the route are as follows.

  • Guthridge Park (South Parking lot by the shelters)
  • Houses with garage sales all over Hiawatha

    Free drink tickets go to the following people that buy items in the following categories from the garage sales.  Must be of age.  Note: if it is a clothing item, please wear it!
Best cross dress outfit.
Best Hawaian Shirt.
Most Rediculous hat.
Best Sporting Goods item deal.
Best video game or video game system find.
  • Back to Guthridge Park to check out eachother's finds and to redeem items for drink tickets.  See Joe Hilgendorf for ticket and redemption.
  • Pour Sports/ Papa's or a stop on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail if they aren't open yet.
  • Bill's Tap in Marion
  • 3rd Base Brewing on Blairs Ferry Rd. Cedar Rapids
  • Pour Sports in Hiawatha.

Rules of Drunk Saling

First off: A True Drunk Saler will do the Overnight Party and not go to sleep, but this may not be possible for you.  Coming out early in the morning to join in the fun is still just as awesome of you!

Secondly: I found this excerpt on an internet forum explaining what Drunk Saling is.  It was well written so I am stealing it and adding a few modifications to it. My notes will be between asterisks (e.g. **notes**)

It's spring and everybody has all kinds of shit they want out of their house and what doesn't turn up on the front lawn for free goes into the garage sales. And one of my favorite things to do is haggle with some old lady over a microwave that cost $180 new, from $6.00 down to $3.86. So here's a sort of game-ish type thing that me and a couple friends do sometimes.

1. Stay up all night drinking. Close the bars down, go home, watch movies, play games, do whatever, just stay awake and keep $40 cash in your pocket. Don't quit drinking before 3-4am, but make sure you get some caffeine in there somewhere with some Red Bull-vodkas or something. 
**This will be for the elite class of cycler/drinker/good deal finder. You know who you are!**

2. Hit the streets at 7am **6am if need be.** and start looking for garage sales. **There should be plenty since it is Hiawatha's City Wide Sale.** Bring **bikes, helmets, support vehicle (if getting anything large),** sunglasses, cash, water, and a camera.

3. With a little practice, you can time it right so you start garage saling when you're still a little drunk, but starting to get a little hung over. If the sun is up you should be in the worst possible mood.

4. Most important: HAGGLE OVER EVERYTHING and if they don't come down, walk away. Never let them win. If you find a bowling ball for $3.00 try to get them down to $2.33. Or some ski poles for $2.00, try to buy just one and break up the pair. Always try to break up pairs. If you find silverware, try to buy only the forks. If you see a couch, try to buy 2 of the 3 cushions.

5. Optional rule: Try to sell stuff from one garage sale to the people at the next for a profit of a few cents.

6. Another optional rule: Buy as much sporting equipment as you can like shitty tennis racquets, a badminton net, bowling balls, and a plastic snowboard and come up with some sport to play in their driveway.

7. Non-optional rule: Always buy bowling balls. They have a zillion terrible uses. The best of which is dropping them off a parking ramp to see what's inside.

8. Non-optional rule: Post your pictures to this page to share what awesome finds you get!!!!


Route Map here:


Guthridge Park

704 Emmons Street
Hiawatha, IA 52233


No fees or registration.

Cost is what you spend on the amazing garage sale items, food, and drink.


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