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Sun Nov 01 2020 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Big Cock Bike Shop
West Des Moines, IA


Big Cock Bike Shop


Party Ride

Distance - 20 miles or 32K

We are planning a FUN RIDE for Sunday, November 1st, 2020. It is an Alley Cat Ride in Valley Junction, WDM. It's about 20 miles of gravel and paved alley ways in the Junction combined with some cemetery and city parks. There is a little skill required as you need to follow the map and be able to traverse some of the hilly terrain and the weather may make it challenging. A gravel bike, MTB  or a Fatty is recommended but all bikes can be ridden. The ride starts at 12 Noon. When you are finished, we are offering a Free Chili supper afterwards from 3 to 5pm. You will want to download the map to stay on course. We ask that you PLEASE STOP at all intersections so no one gets hit. Please feel free to patronize any of the many establishments along the route as I am sure they will appreciate it since they have went through tough times this year. There is no hurry, this is NOT A RACE! 

Although we are not doing the chili contest this year DUE TO COVID, please feel free to bring your favorite recipe for others to feast on.

It is the same route as last year if you can remember that far back.

This year, due the number of riders we had last year, we are asking everyone to please go to the staging area across the street from the bike shop, it's a large parking area, This way we will not be blocking the road.


Alley Cat Route (click to view larger map)


Big Cock Bike Shop

232 6th Street
West Des Moines, IA 50265


FREE to all riders


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