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Sun Mar 31 2019 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM


Rhodes, Iowa
Rhodes, IA


Big Norse Cycling Company



Distance - Updated - 53 or 70 miles

*Updated to a gravel roads only ride due to soft trail conditions.

Had a chance to scout out some of the trail and gravel roads today. There were several pretty soft/mushy sections of the trail near Rhodes. However, the gravel roads were dry and looked like great riding!

We'll plan on a gravel roads route for now; a little more winding than the original route and won't go quite as far west. The first stop will be in Cambridge at mile 32, and from there after a stop at the Toad, we can check out the trail in that area back east or just take the gravel roads in this updated route.

This has 53 and 70 mile options. We're back to Rhodes at mile 53, but if any want more riding (and a bit hillier stretch), there is an additional 17 miles that winds around on gravel roads behind the Harvester Golf Club area and back to Rhodes. Hope to see you there; 9:30 Sunday morning at the tank in Rhodes.

Also note...while the Rhodes bar will be open at ride's end, there are no stores or anything else really open that morning in Rhodes, so if you need any last minute supplies,'ll need to take care of that before you roll into town.


The Tank
Gravel Bike Ride - 63 Miles / 100km
Sunday, March 31 @ 9:30 AM Rhodes, Iowa.
Gravel roads + Heart of Iowa Nature Trail
A Big Norse Cycling Company Production

So, the Panora Panther and I were talking about a long ride the last weekend in March to give a good test to his new bionic knee. Want to keep the elevation changes on the mild side. Decided to invite the entire gravel world to go along if any interest. We'll be going at a kind of casual pace, but if you want to go and ride it like you're racing it, that's fine too (maybe we'll catch up to you in one of the towns). Also, could be considered kind of sort of a Gents Race training ride for those doing that the following weekend.

Starts/ends at the tank on Main Street in Rhodes. First half is gravel roads to the west, and 2nd half on the Heart of Iowa Nature Trail (crushed limestone) heading back east.

Route - 
Towns / potential stops:
Mile 33 Slater
Mile 38 Huxley
Mile 43 Cambridge *official stop at The Tattered Toad
Mile 50 Maxwell
Mile 56 Collins
Mile 61 - no town, but ride over/check out the historic Hoy Bridge on the trail
Mile 63 - Back to Rhodes (Rhodes bar is right there at the end also for any interested post-ride).

Not really planning stops in all towns listed, but those are the options. Initial thoughts are at least a stop in Slater (Caseys and/or Nite Hawk) and food/drinks at The Tattered Toad in Cambridge.

If you want a shorter ride, just check the route map; lots of ways to "cut the course" and head from gravel roads north to the trail. Unsupported, unpaved, somewhat unorganized. You are responsible for you. Although there are rumors that the Big Norse himself may be coming, in which case, he will assist with fixing flats and any derailleur issues.

Hope to see you there! 9:30 at the tank!

The Tank Gravel Metric is sponsored by Kar's Sweet 'n Salty mix. Well, not really...but Kar's Nuts - here's the deal; you send a pallet of that stuff our way, and we’ll make sure it gets out to the riders. We’ll even photoshop the event picture to make it look like the tank is shooting out a package of sweet 'n salty mix. You really can’t pass up this opportunity.

Also, as kind of a casual/social long day in the saddle,, it is pending winter actually ending someday this year, and that it's at least kind of a nice spring day. If it is really crummy weather or trail mushy, will try again some other day.


Rhodes, Iowa

114 S Main Street
Rhodes, IA 50234




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