• Posted Feb 15, 2014
I think you know MY Answer. Hell Yes!

In the last two years owning a Fat Bike has given me to opportunity to Ride all year round. I have NOT had to ride a trainer this Winter at all.

Is it easy to ride? Hell No. It takes work to pedal those big tires.

Does it go fast? Hell No. But I don't need to be riding 20mph in 17 degree temps either.

Ok... I'll take the 'Hell Nos" back becuase Fat Bikes ARE actually EASY ride. They soak up the bumps and pretty much go over everything.

I won't go into too much more details, but we love the freedom a Fat Bike offers both in the Winter, Summer and those other two seasons...

We definiltey recommend a set of nice Winter boote, Ski goggles and Pogies for the best experience!

Fat Bike = Adventure

Read this rundown of 'Should You Buy a Fat Bike?' by Popular Mechanics.

Who sells Fat Bikes in Iowa?

Most bike shops in Iowa now sell Fat Bikes, and if they don't have any on the sales floor, they can order them.

There are several brands, and price points of Fat Bikes. Do your research and Shop Local. Here are what our sponsors sell:

Barr Bike - Clive

Beaverdales Bikes -Beaverdale
KHS, Surly

Bike Country - Ankeny
Borealis, 9:Zero:7, Surly

Bike Tech - Cedar Falls
Specialized, Surly

Bike World
- Des Moines, West Des Moines, Ames
Trek, Surly

Bike to You - Grinnell

Ichi Bike - Des Moines
Sun, Surly

Kyle's Bikes - Ankeny
Specialized, Surly

Olympia Cycle - Omaha, NE

Rasmussn Bike Shop - West Des Moines
Salsa, Boo Bicycles, Specialized, Surly

Skunk RIver Cycles - Ames
Cooker, Surly

See a list of all other Iowa Bike Shops.

Hey all, just wanted to let everyone know you can rent a fat bike and try one out at As A Dad Fat Bike Rental.

Check it ou on Facebook or cal 515-494-4617

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