Type: Nature Trail

Length: 2 miles

Surface: Unknown


Awesome Shape

Grade - Gentle Grades



Against all odds, Tripoli established a recreational trail from within their community to Sweet Marsh. 

The marsh is a 3000-acre wildlife area roughly 2 miles east of Tripoli. 

Tripoli residents are passionate about this trail, which starts at the community school using a shared road with 3rd Street and continue east out of Tripoli along Sweet Water Creek before meandering through the bird sanctuary forest
along Wapsipinicon River. 

A picnic area is proposed along the shady river bank of the Wapsipinicon River.

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Location - Where is this Trail?

The trail exists roughly 2 miles east of Tripoli. 


Sweet Marsh is a 3000-acre wildlife area with a bird sanctuary forest  along Wapsipinicon River. 

Sites & Attractions

Supporting projects for this trail include a welcome center and trailhead, picnic areas and a new park.  The old Guppy's building will be renovated into a welcome center at the trailhead.

History of the Trail

establioshed late 2016


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