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Formerly a major railroad junction, Perry is home to the BRR Ride, Historic Hotel Pattee, and one of the hub towns along the Raccoon River Valley Trail. A town of only 8,000 residents boasts a much larger bicycle-friendly presence. Perry has bicycle lanes and has been a stop on RAGBRAI over 10 times.

Know as "The The Original Winter Ride" The BRR Ride started in 1977 as a Bike Ride to Rippey. The BRR ride rivals RAGBRAI with folks coming from other states to spend a weekend in Perry Iowa in FEBRUARY!

Recreational Opportunities mean more to small towns as they provide a common space for individuals and families to gather and explore.  It is also a wonderful way to connect to our past as you will see through diligent renovations of the Brownfields Areas and the train depots.

In 2009, the trail was completed from Dawson to Forest Park Museum in Perry. In 2011, the trail from Dallas Center to Waukee was completed. The trail from Forest Park Museum to Minburn was completed in 2012, and the trail from Minburn to Dallas Center and Dawson to Herndon were opened in the spring of 2013, completing the entire 33-mile North Loop and the entire 77-mile loop of the Raccoon River Valley Trail. 

Perry is now looking towards a future connection between Perry and Woodward linking the Raccoon River Valley Trail and the High Trestle Trail. Dallas County Conservation received a grant in 2013 to begin the planning phase of the trail project. 

BIKEIOWA has been posting News and information about Perry for years. Check out these links: Events in Perry,  Perry Search, City of Perry.

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Perry Iowa - home to the BRR Ride
1102 Willis Ave
Perry, IA 50220 MAP
(515) 465-4601

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