• Posted Oct 28, 2021

From the Crandic Racing "Cross Words" Blog ~ John Stonebarger

"It wouldn't be a true Spooky Cross if there weren't new additions, right?" teased Race Director Justin Guiter, of Zealous Racing."I wish I could tell you we had added a monstrous sand pit, some steps for a run up, or a stone wall to navigate over, but all those things you'll have to find at other venues, at least for this year.

"I actually tried to go in a different direction this year and make the course . . . easier.
That being said, easy is
?a relative term."

"Our courses can benefit both the mountain biker and the roadie, and with this venue it maybe leans a little more toward the mountain biker's side of the spectrum due to the geography. With a couple tweaks here and there, we've come up with a course that flows well and settles a little more in the middle of the two disciplines. A couple final adjustments will depend on if we have full access or even partial access to the road like we did a few years ago."

Unfortunately Spooky will only be one day this year, Saturday October 30. "When I first contacted the city about Spooky, things were still a bit uncertain as far as where we'd be at with Covid, restrictions, and safety measures," explained Guiter. "In the end we just opted for the one day event. As always, the City of Altoona has been amazing to work with and has continued to support our racing community.This has been an odd year of racing and I'm thankful we're back to hopping barriers again."







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