• Thu June 01 2023
  • Posted Jun 1, 2023
In late April, a couple of Des Moines area cyclists, Rob Versteegh and Kyle Sedore, issued a challenge to the community: Ride 100 miles on the North Sycamore Mountain Bike Trail in one day before midnight on May 28, and they'd give you a plate. Not just any plate, but an old one they bought at Salvation Army with a leaf and "100" stenciled on it. Who could resist? I sure couldn't - so with one day to spare, I loaded my car with food and water and met a friend, Bruce Reece, at the trailhead for a day of circling the 7.5 or 8-mile trail. The day after we finished - on the final day of the challenge - I went to an IMBA/CITA Women's Mountain Bike Ride and met Cora Egherman- who was 33-miles into her Sycamore 100 ride... on a 1990 Trek 800 mountain bike she bought three weeks prior. At 9 pm she had 20 miles to go and a group gathered at the trailhead to cheer Cora on.

"The most badass part about her being badass is she doesn't know she's badass," Kyle Sedore

Join us on the trail as we pursue your grandmas dinner plate.

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