• John Chapman
  • Thu September 02 2021
  • Posted Sep 18, 2021

If you walk or bike along the trail system here, be prepared to take some detours.

A big part of the city’s trail system sits on top of the levee system, which is still feeling the effects of the 2019 Heartland Flood. Portions of the levee have to be repaired.

Council Bluffs officials said that back in 0219, flood water came all the way up to the base of the levee in some spots. All that water was left behind.

Work crews from the Army Corps of Engineers will clean it all up.

“A lot of the sediment deposited into the tributaries to the outflow areas from our drainage structures, so a lot of the work is just to clean out the sediment that was deposited due to the flood,” said Dave Lagrone, Army Corps of Engineers.




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