• Tue January 04 2005
  • Posted Jan 3, 2005
[Be glad you don't live in Lawson Missouri!] Lawson Tickets Rider With MS POSTED: 7:53 pm EST January 3, 2005 UPDATED: 10:23 pm EST January 3, 2005 LAWSON, Mo. -- Some Missouri bicyclists are hoping to make the wheels of justice turn their way. Cyclists in Lawson, Mo., are supporting a fellow rider's push to change a "no bicycle" ordinance. In July, Ed Chasteen rode into the small town northeast of Kansas City and received a ticket for parking his bike outside a restaurant in the no-bike zone. Chasteen, who has multiple sclerosis, pedaled across the country several years ago. He says the bicycle exercise makes it easier to walk. Chasteen is fighting his ticket and is trying to get the town's law changed. KMBC-TV in Kansas City reported that the town passed the law more than 30 years ago to protect children. City leaders were concerned that bicyclists would be hit by passing cars. "I suggested they put up a sign that says share the road instead of no bikes, and that we teach children to ride safely," Chasteen said. Lason's mayor told KMBC-TV that there are no plans to change the bike rule.

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