(Clarinda) -- Page County officials are making sure the county's roads are ready for thousands of bicyclists this summer.

County Engineer J.D. King laid out a plan for road repairs associated with RAGBRAI at Tuesday's county board of supervisors meeting. King tells KMA News the repairs cover the roads making up the RAGBRAI route from Shenandoah into Montgomery County. Riders will travel north on Highway 48, then west on County Road J-20, then north on M-63, or the Stanton Road. King says the repairs are required in order to ensure the route is safe for the bicyclists taking part in the Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. King says the proposed repairs are similar to normal county road repair projects.

"This is not a big reconstruction, or things like that," said King. "This is the same type of maintenance activities on J-20 or J-52, or other roads around the county."

King says the repairs entail the usual three-step approach to maintenance.

"First, we'll fill up the cracks with oil," he said, "then we do some slurry leveling to take the dips out, and make it a little bit smoother for a ride, and do that routinely. It probably gets 80% of the bumps out, or the dips. Then, we'll follow up with a fan seal at the turn, to turn the surface a uniform color."

Costs of the repairs are estimated at 90,000. King says funding will come from the county's regular budget.

"It's not a big project," said King. "It's not federal aid. It's road use dollars, and county secondary maintenance dollars at work."

The RAGBRAI-related work is in addition to other scheduled repairs to county infrastructure this spring and summer.






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