• Mon September 15 2014
  • Posted Sep 15, 2014
Do your part and help clean up the Great Western Trail on your way to get Tacos at the Cumming Tap.

Yep - pick up some trash and get a free taco (limited quantities)...

Polk County Conservation is handing out small plastic grocery bags (reusing them) at Park Ave and Orillia, with a stop along the way to learn more about prairies. Staff/volunteers from INHF will be at the Cumming Tap handing out the freetacocoupons to people who bringtrashin at Cumming. Bikers can take a short little jaunt off the trail at intersections to look fortrashtoo. We will give free tacos out to the first 100 bikers who bring even one piece oftrashin their bag. We are also giving prizes for the heaviest piece oftrashand fullest bag too!

We are setting up at the trailhead at Park Ave and George Flagg Parkway; and other locations around5:00 p.m., and might even have someone over at Orlando's handing out bags. After the 100 bags are handed out, we'll all head down to Cumming too.

Facebook Event | Tues Taco Ride Info

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