• Tim Rohwer
  • Sun August 04 2013
  • Posted Aug 4, 2013
Initially, a new set of directional and regulatory signs on the Council Bluffs trails system was to mainly help visiting trail users locate specific sites of interest, according to Parks Director Larry Foster.

That has worked, he said, but local users are finding it helpful, also.

For example, many who frequently use the Valley View trail didn’t realize it connected to the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge down by the Missouri River, Foster said.

“Now they do know because there is a sign that directs them to the bridge and how far it is.”

Foster was referring to new directional, regulatory and rules signs being installed along the city’s trails system.

“Some are regulatory signs like stop signs and curve up ahead, some are directional signs and some are rules signs stating what you can and can’t do on the trails,” Foster said.

About two-thirds of the 141 signs have already been installed, with the remainder going up in the next two weeks or so, he said. Total cost for the production and installation is $97,877 with the funding coming from bond revenues assigned to trail development.

“The initial concept was that the usage of our trails was becoming so popular because of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge bringing so many over here, and we felt these signs would help those people find major sites,” Foster said. “But, it’s turned out that the signage system has also been meaningful and educational for trail users in this community.”

Not only do directional signs point an arrow in the right direction to a major site but also indicate the number of miles involved. For example, a sign near Veterans Memorial Highway indicates Lake Manawa State Park is 3.9 miles to the east, the Wabash Trace Trail is 6.4 miles to the east, while the Veterans Memorial Bridge to Omaha is 2.2 miles to the west.

People have called his office complimenting the staff for providing the information and saying they were surprised that many sites were closer than they had long thought, Foster said. Compliments on the designs have also come in, he added.

“People like the looks of them. They are attractive, yet reasonably subtle.”

All of the signs are being strategically placed along the 40-mile-long trails system.

“Council Bluffs has a first-class trails system and now we’re getting a first-rate signage system to go with it.”





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