• Kyle Munson
  • Mon April 15 2013
  • Posted Apr 15, 2013

Good news from the Sunshine State of Florida: The Southern Tier Comfort Ride team of bicyclists from Iowa that I wrote about in recent weeks is on the verge of finishing its 3,000-mile cross-country trek.

“Well, we’re approximately 110 miles from our destination at St. Augustine,” Roger Netsch wrote this evening in an email. “We’ve got 58 miles scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) and 45 miles on Tuesday. … Although we had a rocky start in San Diego, the rest of the ride has been great. If you’ve followed our blog, you’d know we’ve had a great experience.”

You might recall that Netsch is the 58-year-old teacher from Indianola who retired in December in order to embark on this bucket-list adventure. He and his buddies have rolled alongside each other on RAGBRAI and countless other rides.

You also might recall the “rocky start in San Diego” Netsch refers to: Five of the team’s six bicycles were stolen from their trailer while it was parked overnight, so the guys had to scramble to purchase new sets of wheels and get back on schedule.

I assume that those five new bikes are broken in by now.

Congrats, guys!







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