• Tue June 05 2012
  • Posted Jun 5, 2012
Sometime in the last week, new trail signage was posted on the Neal Smith Trail indicating where to turn for the new Oralabor Gateway Trail that takes you into Ankeny, and pretty close to the High Trestle Trail trailhead.

This is awesome since I bet I explained how to get to Ankeny via Des Moines at least 5-10 times a month.

The turn off is seen here is heading North after the Sycamore Access parking lot on NW 66th Ave and before the Dam Hill.

Thanks to Polk Country Conservation for getting them up!

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I have proposed many signs during the years to different jurisdictions. Here are some of the text of some of the signs I have proposed:

"Look where you going"
'Walnuts on the pavement may be closer than they appear'
'Listening to music on this trail may be hazardous to your health and may cause sudden death'
'Natural selection in progress, wear a helmet'
'Trail closed, mountain bikes only'
'Go Lance!'

#4 - borasam posted Jun 7, 2012

As long as it is not underwater East of the first road! I found out the hard way last Spring when I took the trail for the HTT celebration!

#3 - dbpaul8 posted Jun 6, 2012

Now we need a sign to warn about the walnuts on the first sharp turn of that trail after the sign. It gets brutal in the fall! :)

#2 - arreyder posted Jun 5, 2012

I didn't listen good enough saturday because we took 66th

#1 - solsen300 posted Jun 5, 2012

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