• Wed May 13 2009
  • Posted May 13, 2009
A GREAT Blog entry fromn Nicholas Johnson about Biking and its many benefits It's all there; Quotes, History, Facts, Excerpts, and Humor READ IT Just a bit of the kind of content... Make your second car a bicycle. Consider the advantages that the bicycle has to offer -- low cost, no pollution, and convenient to park. For under $50 you can get a bicycle fitted with enough trimmings to make it practical for going shopping and carrying a small child. The cheapest car costs about thirty times that. A bicycle is also inexpensive to operate, maintain, and insure. Bicycles are quieter than any form of motorized transportation, produce no pollution, and use up no fuel. A bicycle takes up about 1/30th the parking space of a car. In city traffic today, the bicycle is often faster than the car or bus. Bicycles give the rider the sort of healthy exercise that many Americans usually do not get. Riding a bicycle makes it possible to get a better appreciation of a beautiful day, or a pleasant ride through the park. . . . The New York Times quoted a 32-year-old millionaire who pedals up Fifth Avenue to social engagements in a dinner jacket as explaining, "It's much easier than fussing with a chauffeur." -Paul Swatek

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