• Wed August 13 2008
  • Posted Aug 13, 2008
Interesting comments about Iowa... Gaylord Michigan resident and Grand Valley State University junior Katrina Miller is taking part in the adventure of a lifetime this summer, as she will participate on a charity bike tour named "Sea to Sea" that will take her from Seattle, Washington to the Atlantic Coast of New Jersey. She is writing an occasional blog from the road and Herald Times Sports Editor Jeremy Speer will post her entries online each week. Readers, feel free to comment and participate with the ongoing discussion. Week of August 11 Entry I've decided that Iowa is just one, big cornfield. They don't have grass, just corn. Occasionally, there will be a square cut out for a house or a town, or there will be a few random trees in the corn, but it's really just all corn. Not that I'm complaining, I like cornfields, I just can't get over how much corn there is in Iowa. Corn, corn, corn, corn, corn, that's all I saw for days. I can't say I really like the roads in Iowa, they're pretty chewed up and shoulderless. Even the good roads don't have shoulders. There was one road that had a nice, big shoulder, with a rumble strip down the middle and fresh gravel on the side and spilling all over the shoulder. A fellow rider, Don, broke his collar bone on account of that road. I like being in Wisconsin, the roads are really nice. There are a lot of cows here. blah blah...

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