• Sun June 29 2008
  • Posted Jun 29, 2008
By CYNTHIA REYNAUD Des Moines parks workers are hoping to have many waterlogged parks and trails opened by the July 4 holiday. City workers are also cleaning up from flooding at Des Moines City Hall. The following is an updated list of openings and closures from the Des Moines Parks and Recreation department: Gray's Lake Park: The park is closed to the public because of debris and mud on grounds, road and trails. City officials hope to have the park partially open for walking and biking by the July 4 weekend. Mechanical and electrical systems were damaged, and the entire property is undergoing inspection for other damage. The most recent Department of Natural Resources beach and recreation area water tests indicated the water quality is well within the DNR's safe range. Officials, though, do not expect the beach to reopen this summer. Trails: All trails in Des Moines have closures in low-lying areas, such as along Four Mile Creek, the Des Moines River and Walnut Creek. Trails are being cleaned of mud and debris. Status of trails changes daily. The public is urged to follow posted signs. The most likely open route through the remainder of the summer is the Gay Lea Wilson Trail. All trail bridges are being inspected. The only confirmed bridge damage at this time is on the Bill Riley Trail in Waterworks Park. Simon Estes Amphitheater: The amphitheater is closed until further notice. There is some turf damage, which can be readily repaired. A recently installed wheelchair lift was damaged and is being inspected and repaired. Prospect Park: The park and park road are closed because of sewer discharge in the area. The park buildings will be cleaned of debris and sanitized. Restoration of turf and plants will be required. Birdland Marina: The marina is open to its renters, but full services will not be back in place for a few weeks. The marina sustained significant damage to electrical systems. The docks and attached boats were saved through emergency measures to shore up the docks. One park storage building in this area sustained significant damage and may need to be razed. The building housing the Drake and Des Moines Rowing Clubs is undergoing cleaning, sanitizing and inspection. The Birdland Marina public boat ramp sustained damage and is temporarily closed. Birdland Shelter: The shelter is closed but will be cleaned, repaired and reopened for public use. The surrounding grounds sustained some damage to play equipment, and grounds and plants will need to be restored. Erosion to the lagoon side of the shelter is being inspected. Birdland Pool: The pool is closed until further notice but is expected to reopen later this summer. The pool will be completely pumped out and refilled following repairs to damaged mechanical systems and the building. Birdland Baseball and Tennis Complex: The baseball field turf received significant damage. It is unknown when it will be restored for play. The tennis courts have been cleaned and will be open to the public this weekend. City Hall and Armory: These city business buildings are being cleaned and inspected in hopes they will be reopened in early July. Don Tripp, director of Des Moines Parks and Recreation, asked residents to continue to stay away from closed buildings until they are reopened.

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