• Sun April 08 2007
  • Posted Apr 8, 2007
[This sent in by robert Craddick - ex Des Moines-ite now living in San Diego] The old 85 hour stationary cycling Guinness book record was shattered last evening here in San Diego. The two riders slam dunked the previous record by 11+ hours just an hour ago! They did 96+ hours! Who are they and what were they doing it? On April 4th, we will start our attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest time on a stationary bicycle. The previous record is 85 hours; our goal is 96 hours. Our world record attempt will occur at Zumwalt's Bicycle Center, 6425 El Cajon Blvd San Diego, Ca. 92115; starting on April 4 at 8 a.m. and ending on April 8th at 8 a.m.; where we'll ride 24 hours a day for 4 days (with the exception of brief breaks as outline in Guinness World Record rules). We will eat on the bike as well as add/remove appropriate clothing while riding for weather conditions. To make things interesting, we'll be riding outside and using powerful night-riding bicycle lights (provided by NiteRider) on the stationary bikes (as if we were really out riding), and wearing appropriate "weather" cycling apparel. We could really use your support of our cause for awareness. During this time, we'll be asking for donations to benefit our charities and to assist us in racing in what Outside magazine called one of the toughest sporting events in the world! The benefiting charities are the San Diego Burn Institute and the Georgia Firefighters Burn Foundation. With your partnership of our RAAM team, you will assist these charities, our team, and receive prominent branding on our three vehicles that will trail us for an estimated 8 days for 3,000 miles. Wendy Gardiner and Pete Masiel (also his 48th Birthday Easter) [Lots more photos and info on the site!]

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