Traffic laws provide legal protections to pedestrians, but you may be surprised to learn not everyone is covered when it comes to crosswalks.

You might follow the rules of the road and expect drivers to respect the right of way for pedestrians. However, if you're a cyclist involved in a cross-walk crash, you may not get the same respect legally.

Experts tell Iowa's News Now the state of Iowa doesn't account for bicyclists in its crosswalk law.

"I don't know why this is like, such a loophole that people aren't addressing. I think probably part of it is just unaware, people being unaware that this is a big loophole," University of Iowa College of Public Health Associate Professor of Epidemiology Cara Hamann said.
Hamann says it starts with who the state considers a pedestrian. She says a closer look at the law finds it's mostly defined as someone on foot.







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