• Posted Jul 6, 2009

Need prescription sunglasses? Need custom Oakleys? Want your team name etched on the lens? Need both? Visual Eyes is your ticket to optical superiority!

Visual Eyes is BIKEIOWA's newest sponsor. Visual Eyes offers custom colored and prescription Oakley eyewear as well as being a full optical store with all the services associated. ABOUT VISUAL EYES My name is Charles Ericson, owner of Visual Eyes in Ankeny, IA. After working with Rob Versteegh, the local Oakley rep and lifecyclist, it became apparent there was a need for custom eyewear for the cyclists in Iowa. Visual Eyes' dedication will focus on the needs of cyclists to educate them on what is available in terms of colors, quality and prescriptions for Oakley eyewear. At VisualEyes we want you to "love your eyewear." I opened Visual Eyes to serve the people of Ankeny and Central Iowa by offering a broad array of frames, contact lenses and specialty eyewear. And, to provide that service in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. With over 25 years experience in the optical business, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest ophthalmologists from the Des Moines area and Ames. Along the way, I have become certified by the American Board of Opticians and by the National Contact Lens Examiners, as well as maintaining an active membership in the Opticians Association of Iowa. Visual Eyes of Ankeny, IA, is an independent optical store, where we strive to provide you with an array of choices for all your prescription and non-prescription eyewear needs in a relaxed and friendly setting. Visual Eyes carries a wide range of fashion and designer eyewear frames, and we fill any current contact lens prescriptions. We do repairs and make adjustments on your current eyewear, wherever it was purchased. In addition to eyeglasses and contacts, we also carry: Sunglasses, Sports Eyewear, Swim Goggles and Safety Eyewear. Visual Eyes hours: M: 12-6, TU, W, F: 9-6, TH: 9-7, SAT: 9-1 Owner, Charles Ericson ABOC, NCLEC Optician 324 S. Ankeny Boulevard Ankeny, Iowa 50023 MAP Phone: 515-964-8929 Fax: 515-964-8928
Be Like No Other COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES Order your own custom colored-frames and lens colors. Oakley has been changing the eyewear industry one innovation at a time. Now it’s YOUR turn to be at the intersection of creativity and imagination. Take ownership of the art behind all our Mad Science with a design template that stretches as far as your imagination can bend. The choice is clear. And the choices are yours. With more than 30 styles to choose from and 853,253 combinations, feel free to lose your design mind.
  • Optical superiority – check.
  • Attention to detail – check.
  • Unique personalization – check.
  • Being expressive never looked this good.

GET YOUR TEAM COLORS Set your bicycle team apart by customizing your colors and engraving your team name or logo - wear your pride on your shades. Oakley Custom Team Colors is all about the Team and it's riders. It’s for everyone – and every sport – in between.

SHOW OFF YOU CUSTOM SPECS (or get some ideas!) You’ve created your own work of art, now strut your design power with the Oakley Flickr community. Add your photos of you wearing your Custom Oakley creations. Be like no other.

BE INSPIRED IN A FEW STEPS Charles will walk you through these steps if you choose to get some Oakley Customs. Stop in and see what they have to offer.
  1. Choose your fit.
  2. Choose your lens shape.
  3. Choose your frame color.
  4. Choose your lens colors.
  5. Choose your Oakley Icon color.
  6. Choose your earsock color.
  7. Add custom engraving (optional) Custom logo etching also available

Prescription Eyewear Oakley offers a comprehensive line of ophthalmic-specific frames and corrective sun lenses that are recognized as some of the best prescription optics available. Full service labs in the U.S., Europe and Asia bring the world's best optics technologies to local markets. The company’s prescription lenses are offered in a full spectrum of colors, polarization options and performance coatings. Technologies include metal frames with shape memory; Color Inherence for lenses that never fade; OAKLEY ACTIVATED BY TRANSITIONS™ lenses that darken and lighten automatically; the world’s first true interchangeable prescription lens; and the Oakley Rx system that maps light rays in a 3D grid to achieve precise coordination between the eye and the entire lens surface. Yes - you can order custom colored Oakley's with Prescription lens. Already have a pair of Oakleys and want Prescription lens? Charles can make it happen! When you stop into Visual eyes, ask Charles to show you the "light test" that shows the Optical superiority of Oakley compared to other brands.
About Oakley As the undisputed leader in performance eyewear, Oakley continues to advance sport technology and redefine the lifestyle market with patented optical innovations. Numerous patents have been awarded to the inventions behind the company’s High Definition Optics that virtually eliminates the problems of ordinary lenses, including distortion that bends light and optical flaws that magnify images in the manner of prescription lenses made for somebody else. Oakley was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. It’s in our DNA to identify problems, create inventions, and wrap those inventions in art. And simply to make things better than anyone thought possible. Striving to redefine the limits of possibility.
BIKEIOWA testimonial Oakley Rob turned me onto Charles at Visual Eyes about a month ago. Charles' specialty is putting prescription lenses into Oakley frames. I've had prescription sunglasses before and they always looked kind of cheesy. You know "the look"... I know way to many cyclists who ride with cheapo sunglasses or they just wear their normal prescription eyeglasses. I didn't know that I could get prescription lenses in pretty much every Oakley style offered (including transition and quick change lenses) Time to get with it people! Get yourself some quality, and look good while doing it! I've been wearing Oakleys for years now, but there are just sometimes where you don't want to put your contacts in just so you can wear sunglasses. Like when getting up on RAGBRAI and your eyes are still burning from the day before. Or the dry-eyed, wind-blown feel after a good days ride (especially when riding gravel or unpaved trail). So, last week I took a pair of Oakley straight jackets to Charles at Visual Eyes in Ankeny and figured I would get some prescription lenses made. I ordered some polarized smoke tinted lenses with a semi-mirrored finish. In around a week, I had my new lenses in. SWEET! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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