• Posted May 23, 2005

How could a $1260 road racing bicycle be a Best Buy? Well, if you're not a bike rider, it isn't. But if you are a bike rider, the Roubaix has an outstanding resume for a remarkable price.

That vital specification is weight. The magic number, separating the elites from the plodders, is 20 pounds, and Fuji's spec sheet shows the Roubaix skimming in at 19.7 pounds. Usually that kind of light weight takes more money than this. Physicists will tell you that a few pounds of weight do not make you a much faster rider, except perhaps in a hill climb. And they're right. But bike riders will tell you that every pound you shed makes the bike feel better. So you're buying the great feeling, not measurable speed. (The great feeling will inspire you to push yourself harder, and you'll get the speed that way.) The Roubaix has many other charming attributes besides light weight. It's made from a combination of carbon fiber (on the front fork and seatstays) and 7000 series aluminum alloy (all other frame tubes). The combination is stiff, lightweight, and it shuns road shock. In recognition of the fact that some riders have ambitions that reach beyond their current physical fitness level, it has three chainrings instead of two. The third chainring provides extra-low gears for tired people to climb hills slowly and (almost) effortlessly. No company gives you better component specs for the money than Fuji, and the Roubaix comes through with good-quality Shimano drivetrain components, Continental tires and Ritchey hubs and rims. Stop in to Rasmussen Bike Shop today and check out this awesome rig! Be sure to print out the coupon below!

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