• Posted Mar 5, 2018

Cycling and craft beer have this amazing "marriage" so it just felt like a fun angle to work from.

Please welcome Fenders Brewing as BIKEIOWA's newest sponsor.

Fenders Brewing is a nano brewery and taproom located on the square in Polk City, Iowa. Creating and sharing quality craft beer, and a welcoming place to enjoy a pint while chatting, watching the game, or playing games, is our top priority.

We met up with Jason and Steve (the owners) and asked them a few questions.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and Steve
A: Steve and I (Jason) live in NW Ankeny currently (Steve and his wife lived in Polk City for a few years not too long ago). We really enjoy the outdoor activities available in the area, obviously including cycling. We both juggle family life and brewery/taproom life, with success so far. But maybe that depends on who you ask! :)

Q: Have any cycling stories you want to tell that folks can relate to?
A: Steve has his old BMX bike he's cleaned up and putting back together in hopes of rekindling his dream of X-Games glory. I have yet to find a bike that I enjoy riding as much as my 90's Gary Fisher MTB.

Q: How did you get into brewing? Explain the "nano brewery" concept and future aspirations
A: We are both former home brewers that decided to move into professional brewing. The nano (2 barrel) system we are using, in some ways, is like a home brewing system on steroids, but it still has its challenges and definitely has been and continues to be a learning experience.

Q: Where did the name "Fenders Brewing" com from?
A: We are both into cycling and wanted our project to reflect that. Cycling and craft beer have this amazing "marriage" so it just felt like a fun angle to work from.

Q: How did you pick Polk City? How did you pick the location?
A: As I said, Steve and his wife had lived in Polk City for a while so they knew what kind of community it was and the potential it held for our type of business. We have found through this whole process that the city has been so supportive of us and anxious for us to open. That being said, Polk City is not abundant in suitable existing buildings/locations for a brewery, but luckily we found our current space and it has worked out really well so far.

Q: Tell us about your brewing style/specialty. e.g. what you your favorite beers to make? to drink?
A: So far our favorite beer to brew has been whatever the most recent beer is since it is still so new. Each brew is a new journey as we continue to dial in our processes and maximize the potential our system has. I would say we are still developing our "brewing style" and what types of beers we enjoy most, get the most positive feedback on, and what we really want to be known for.

Q: If it was our first time coming to Fenders Brewing, what should we order?
A: On your first trip you should order the obligatory flight, or two so you can try them all!

Q: Tell us about Bike parking, food options, Bike gear
A: Once the weather turns the corner towards spring we will be opening an outdoor seating area as well as dedicated bike parking (there's currently a small amount of parking on the square). There are several food options on the square including a pizzeria, pub food, breakfast and ice cream as well as others. We carry unisex cycling jerseys and are working on ladies sleeveless and bagger jerseys, and also cycling caps.

We think this is a great place to stop for a cold one not too far off the Neil Smith and accessible from the High Trestle Trail if you want to take the road in. If you fat bike, it is an easy ride to the Big Creek Loop from their front door.

All the beers we tried were good and you can bring food in from the local pizza place next door, or any place else.

The space is quaint and the staff is friendly. You can clearly tell Jason and Steve have a passion for brewing and bicycles and it shows in their beers, decor and apparel.

They have a great selection of t-shirts, caps and jerseys.

This summer there will be an outside patio and more bike parking.

We've been there a few times, and we'll be back for more soon.

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