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Dirt Trails have come a long ways in the last 10 years. They are truly Destinations that showcase what can be created with minimal impact and some volunteer sweat. Ride 'em!

Very cool video. Reminds me of the Center Trails in Des Moines. Love the way they are using it as promotional material for bicycle tourism!

Sent in from Tom Anderson of Central Iowa Trail Association (CITA).

Check out this trail system in Florida. Great video that give you and idea
of what we want to do with some of our trails in Central Iowa.
Technical Trail Features (TTFs) that also provide easier options. Lots
of flow to the trail as well. Nothing but fun. Cadillac East mountain bike trail, part of the Tom Brown Park trail
system. This video is intended to show the beauty and flow of the trail.

This is the Cadillac East mountain bike trail, part of the Tom Brown Park trail

Embrace Dirt

Here is a video CITA did a couple of years ago of the Center Trails near the Des Moines Art Center and Waterworks Park.


It is SO EASY to become a member of CITA . Check out their membership page.

The Central Iowa Dirt Trails would not be as fantastic as they are without CITA. They need funds and man/women power to make new trails and maintain the old. Get involved!

Muddy Reminder

When riding dirt trails, If you are leaving marks, then it's best to stay off. This is especially true on these warm winter days. Riding them is fine in the morning when everything is still frozen, but not in the afternoon when all is thawed.

Ride Dirt!
Ride Safe!

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