YO! Just lettin' ya know that this event occurred in the past. So don't go planning your day around this one.


Sat Oct 19 2013 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Mullet's - just across the river from the Principal Park where the I-Cubs play
Des Moines, IA

WHO Cycling Team


WOW what an experience! We were blown away from the turnouts this year! A record number of racers (310! - 282 unique) and hundreds of spectators lined the course! Racers from seven different states towed the line. If you traveled, we hope your drive was worth it!

Every year we try to step it up a notch to make this the best home-grown grass-roots event in the state and this year did not disappoint! 5 races and 12 categories with $1200 in payouts and some really GREAT prizes!

The weather was great! The bands rocked! The course was fast and unique. Course set up began at 8am and was ready to ride about 2pm. Registration opened at 4pm and it was all a blur after that!

We maxed out the Cat 4/5 field this year and regrettably had to turn a few riders away, and the officials were pulling the slower riders for safety sake. Next year we will separate the Cat 4 and Cat 5 race into two separate races.


THANKS to YOU for either racing, spectating or both!

THANKS to the Cycling Team who made this race possible - especially - Rob, Kyle, Andy, Matty, Maharry, Paul,  Bruce R & kids, Bruce B, Kurt, Scott Sparrgrove, Durkee, Bobby, Taylor, Timmy, Stevie, Jared, Marco, Wince

THANKS to the an army of volunteers for helping out ALL day and ALL night!  (Pete, Will, Chuck, Chisty, Velo-rosa chicks, 3 Julies, Phyllis, Jen )

THANKS to Mullets for having us! YOU drank them out of pretty much every domestic tallboy in the place! Good job! Ed, Wayne and Jess - You all rock!

THANKS to our sponsors - Without Oakley, Scheels, Miller Lite, Hummel's Nissan, Iowa Distilling, and Primal Wear this event would not happen. Please support these sponsors. We do!

THANKS to the bands for making our race a PARTY with their LIVE Music! Be sure to thank the Smoothsayers, North of Grand and DJ Nice Kicks the next time you see 'em play!

THANKS to the City of Des Moines and Baker Electric for letting us use their land to make the race course bigger each year.


Full results via USA Cycling


Jeff Corcoran | Julie Sumpter | Chris Maharry(setup photos) | Mark Savory instagram photos/video | Dave Mable


RoadSharkTales (Cat 4/5 race) |  RoadSharkTales (Klunker Race)

Please send us your photo/video links!


Emily Robnett



Distance - This is a timed event

Oakley "Night Cap" Cross

The BUZZ has begun... Racing under the lights at one of Des Moines' most bike-friendly bar/restaurants - Mullet's!

PRESENTED BY: Cycling Team
SPONSORED BY: SCHEELS, Oakley and Miller Lite

Oakley Night Cap Cross takes place only a couple of minutes from downtown Des Moines at Mullet's on some great under-utilized riverfront property! There is a GREAT view of the Des Moines skyline from the race course and Mullet's two-level deck that offers a great vantage point for watching the races literally inches away from the race course! Read Metromix's review of Mullet's.

If you enjoyed last three year's events... then you are in for a treat this year! We've had more time to streamline and plan, and we know what the SPECTATORS like!
We absolutely LOVE the bands in the MIDDLE of the race course. We'll have more lights, a beer garden, the mini-expo will increase, we've added more bicycle parking, and Mullets will be offering up some great beer and food specials.

RACE DAY - Saturday, October 19th

Save yourself (& and us) Time & Money by registering online through USA Cycling. This will allow much quicker check-in too! We eat all the registration costs and are leaving registration open until 8:00 am on Race Day, so there is no excuse not to register online.


If you are not racing first, please wait and register after the first race starts. This will make it much easier on our registration staff since the first race has so many participants! Yes, you can still register at the Race, but it will cost you $5 more and you'll have to wait in longer lines... If you are registering day-of, you can still save time and fill out an Event Release Form before-hand and bring to the registration table. Day-Of Registration will open up at 4:00 pm and close 30 minutes before each race. There will be approx. 30 minutes between each race.

NOTE: ALL INFO BELOW SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Entry Fees are $5.00 more day of race excluding Klunker race  (last updated Oct 13th, 2013)

 Categories Entry Fee Start Time Time/DistancePayouts/Prizes
 Master's 35+
  Iowa Distilling Company
 $25 5:00 pm 40 min prizes/3
 Master's 45+
  Iowa Distilling Company
 $25 5:00 pm 40 min prizes/3
 Master's 55+
  Iowa Distilling Company
 $25 5:00 pm
 40 min prizes/3
 $10 6:15 pm 45 min prizes/3
 Men's CX 5
  Miller Lite
 $25 6:15 pm 45 min prizes/3
 Men's CX 4
 $25 6:15 pm 45 min prizes/3
 Men's CX 3
 $25 7:30 pm 45 min $250/3
 Klunker Cross *
  Ichi Bike
 $10 (day of only)
 8:15 pm
 8:30 pm
 high fives
 Women's CX 4
  Hummels Nissan
 $25 8:45 pm 40 min prizes/3
 Women's 35+
 $25 8:45 pm 40 min prizes/3
 Women's 45+
  el Bait Shop
 $25 8:45 pm 40 min prizes/3
 Women's CX 1/2/3 (open)
 $25 8:45 pm 45 min $475/5
 Men's CX 1/2/3 (open)
 $25 10:00 pm 60 min $475/5

*** UPDATES ***

Updates will be posted here up to race day. We'll also be posting regularly to BIKEIOWA's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

10/18/13 10:00pm

Twas the night before Night Cap and all through the house, not a crosser was stirring not even the barrier fairy...
221 have pre-registered so far! We're gonna have ourselves a FANTASTIC time tomorrow night!
Just FYI for Cat 4s & 5s... The cap is 100 and we are getting close on that race. You have been warned and you are taking a chance if you register day-of.

See you all tomorrow eve! We'll be easy to find... Look for the party and Listen for the music!

Night (cap) Ya'll!


Night Cap is getting REAL CLOSE! today the lights were delivered. We picked up a custom podium backdrop from Scheels. We walked the course, got gift cards from Mullets, and secured the BEER prizes for the Champions of the night.

We URGE, BEG and PLEAD with you to pre-register!!  We want you to save $5 and get you through the line as fast as possible!

Each racer will get TWO number plates. One for the front of your bicycle, and one for your right side. Look at this photo to see how to pin your numbers on your side. Number placement is super-important given this is a night race and the course is tight. If racing two races, you'll get separate numbers for each race.

Tony from Bike Rags will be on-site at the mini-expo with their latest reflective cycling apparel.

The Smoothsayers are going to start playing a few minutes before 5pm, so LIVE Music will be playing when the 1st race starts, until the last race is over when North of Grand leaves the stage, and DJ Nice Kix starts up until midnight.

KLUNKER RACE is at 8:15 SHARP!  - we added a section below for all the details.

We just uploaded a few good photos - check 'em out down below.


Q7 Cycling
will be on hand with their "Quality Gear for the Sphere"

We just got the custom caps from Primal today! WOW! You will all #LIKE ! We've got a very limited quantity. If you want one, you better order it when you pre-register and we'll hold it for you at the registration tent. We guarantee they will sell out very early.



-NIGHTCAP gives a portion of proceeds annually to the wounded warrior project?  check it out,

-the winner of EVERY class wins a custom PRIMAL 'champions' jersey! and a pair of oakley sunglasses! a mullets giftcard!  some beer (if you're over 21)! a pair of PRIMAL socks!  

-SCHEELS will be on-site with NEUTRAL SUPPORT!  look for the scheels tent for any race day bike adjustments you might need!


-We Added the sponsors for each race. THANKS to all our sponsors for being a part of this unique event!


-PLEASE don't forget....PREREGISTER!!!!  get 5 bucks off your entry when you register online and save SERIOUS time from waiting in line.  for real, there's a ton of racing jammed into a small time slot.  PREREGISTRATION is the way to go. click here:

-NORTH OF GRAND joins the musical acts on stage at nightcap this year!

-PRIMAL steps up big with MORE prizing.  in addition to 'champion' jerseys, you can now race for some sweet socks if you get top 3 in your class , and(mens cat 1/2/3 and ladies cat 1/2/3) winners will receive INCREDIBLE paradigm jackets.

-IOWA DISTILLING COMPANY signs up to sponsor the masters categories!  check back for updates on tastings, and other things we're planning for the night!

-thanks to jeff corcoran from right here in DM for being our 'official' photographer.  he does good work!!!



-MULLETS will once again be firing up the grill for sandwiches, and offering tall boy specials all evening.  come hungry, leave happy!

-MILLER LITE is once again supporting the cause with great prizing.  THANKS MILLER LITE for supporting NIGHTCAP CROSS since day 1!

-we'll have a limited run of FIFTY nightcap T-shirts available for sale....get one early, or don't get one at all.  thanks to T-shirt Graphix for always getting us set up!

- check out the wicked 2012 Night Cap video by Tyler Crandell (keep scrollin' down)

- posted photos of the Champion's Jersey and the Custom Caps we will have for sale from Primal (Only 40 available.. so get 'em early!)


-THINGS KEEP ROLLING ON!  for something NEW this year, we've added a 3RD musical act!!!  just because racing is over, the party isn't!  sound permit goes til midnight, so the sound will, too!  hang out after racing for some drinks and DJ Nice Kicks spinning tunes.

-OAKLEY is back on board for sponsoring nightcap.  sunglasses, backpacks, beanies and more coming your way for prizes in EACH and EVERY race category at nightcap!

-SRAM has stepped up to take care of our 'course tape' needs.  thanks SRAM!



-we've got the best of 'em!  SCHEELS ALL SPORTS has been a dedicated partner since day 1.  if you need ANYTHING for sports, scheels can help!

-new this year, HUMMEL'S NISSAN has come on board to support NIGHTCAP.  come out and check out some cars on our course this year.  thanks, Hummels!

-how about a shout-out to MULLETS!  our gracious race host rolls out the red carpet and let's racers and spectators COMPLETELY take over for a night.  drink specials, food specials, and a fired- up mullets staff await you on october 19 (or any time)!!!!

-The Smoothsayers ARE BACK!  again this year, this great local band will be on stage at nightcap making things happen!  a huge thanks to them.  come check out their sweet sounds!

-you like our NIGHTCAP CHAMPIONS JERSEY?  don't think you can win one?  don't fear, you can come out and buy a NIGHTCAP CROSS CYCLING CAP, designed by PRIMAL, the night of the event.  you CAN buy beauty! (see below for photos!)

- Oakley Night Cap 2013 was posted on

Why this race is super-cool!

  1. It is a Night Race
  2. We are Racin' on Saturday under the Des Moines skyline
  3. Urban racing - nothing like it!
  4. "Conveniently" held at a bar/restaurant
  5. Light Towers will light the Race Course
  6. LIVE MUSIC in the MIDDLE of the race course!
  7. CRAZY Spectators!
  8. Great Food and Beer specials
  9. Spectator friendly! at least 1,001 spots to watch the races
  10. You don't have to work on Sunday


Here is a great video by Tyler Crandell of the 2012 event.


Watch the race inches from the course, or from one of Mullet's two patios, including an elevated deck that offers an amazing view of the Des Moines skyline and action-packed race course! There is also seating inside. The beer is cold and the food is Great! The bike trail goes right past Mullet's, so Ride your bike down and save the hassles of parking your automobile!

Mullets is a Sponsor!


ALL Awards will be presented after each race as soon as the results are available. We'll have a podium and will be taking photos this year. If you must leave early, stop by the registration table and we'll do our best to accommodate.

We have some SUPER KILLER Prizes this year! If you place, you'll be walking off the podium with your hands full of prizes from Oakley, Scheels, Primal, Miller Lite, Mullets and BIKEIOWA. We GUARANTEE you won't get a better set of prizes from any other race in the Midwest!! Oh yeah... every participant (of age) will get a voucher for a free beer or pop courtesy of Mullets!


The Klunker Race is sponsored by Ichi Bike and is ALL for FUN!  - It costs $10 to enter and 100% of the proceeds goes back to a bicycle-friendly local non-profit. To participate, you must have entered at least one Night Cap race that same day.  So sign up, get your number plate and ride yer Klunker! We got some great photos from last year! Don't disappoint us this year!

Separate registration opens at 7:15 and closed at 8:05. Look for the "Klunker Registration" signage.

What can ya ride? Fat Tire Cruisers, Baggers, choppers, Beach bars, Ichi Bike builds, Rat Bikes and other similar bikes allowed. Oh I guess, Fat Bikes are allowed again this year too. Heck ride anything on two wheels!

The race course will be a shortened version of the course for mini-laps up front by all the action.  Number of laps to be determined at race start. Please do not tear up the course as the next race starts at 8:45pm.


Race Results will be posted after each race near the Registration booth. Please be patient. All results will be posted to and USA Cycling by early the week afterwards.


#B1 -  The Smoothsayers

#B2North of Grand

#B3 -
DJ Nice Kicks!


Remember RAD stands for Race After Dark!   Yes, most of us will be racing in the DARK, and the course will be LIT UP with light towers. You've seen the photos and video. Now come race Night Cap Cross yourself!


Oakley Night Cap Cross apparel -  t-shirts and custom caps by Primal (very limited supplies).

Q7 Cycling will be on hand with their "Quality Gear for the Sphere"

Tony from Bike Rags will be onsite at the mini-expo with their latest reflective cycling apparel. will have some t-shirts and coozies available as well.


We will have a corral for bicycle parking. It will be a fenced off area, but we will NOT be monitoring this area. We are offering it to alleviate congestion around the beer garden and patio areas. Please bring a LOCK and use this area if you ride your bike down.


Mullet's has been great to work with and is letting us use their grounds, as such we ask that everyone respects their alcohol policy and not bring their own alcohol to the race, however, anything purchased at Mullets may be brought with you anywhere on the grounds with exception of the bike and pedestrian trails which is city property. Please don't drive home if you have been drinking. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


After the races we won't be going anywhere... We're partying at Mullet's and ALL OF Y'ALL are invited! The food and drink specials will continue and so will the stories! DJ Nice Kicks will be firin' up immediately after the last race is over.


You are so close to downtown Des Moines where there are plenty of great restaurants and hotels to spend the weekend.

Need a place to stay?  Coming soon. We are working on lodging special rates. The Des Moines Marathon is the next morning with 8000+ runners, so downtown lodging is scarce.


It's easiest to Google it!
1300 SE 1st Street
Des Moines, IA 50315


Parking will be tight. If you are from Des Moines, we'd be most appreciative if you'd ride your bike down, or park across the river at Principal Park and take the pedestrian bridge to Mullets. Please do not leave any belongings unattended. Some of the side streets are not lit very well. Get the drift?


Want to bone up on your skills before hopping off your bike in front of a crowd? You are in luck! There are Renegade Cyclocross practices every Tuesday at 5:30 pm through October. Keep an eye on for all Iowa Cyclocross events.


2010 was the first year for Oakley Night Cap Cross. WOW - What a night that was!! 160 Racers, 200+ spectators on a Friday with a band jamming in the MIDDLE of the race course, and a great venue with sweet beer specials and pizza by the slice all night long. It was certainly an electrifying atmosphere! We knew we had something special... PHOTOS

2011 was even better! We switched the race date to a Saturday, lengthened the course, added a new band 'The Sun Company', provided a beer garden by the bands, made it easier to get beer and food, we had a mini-expo with vendors and added some wicked fast turns-n-twists in front of the spectators for the racers. PHOTOS

2012 grew by leaps and bounds! Dave Zollo and JB and the Smoothsayers rocked the house as 180 racers put their pedals to the grass for some fast-paced super-spectator-friendly night-time action. Mullets served up cold beer and food all night as the course was lined with rowdy spectators (which is just how we like 'em!). We kept the mushroom-shaped beer garden that gave up-front access the band and almost 360 degree access to the races! RESULTS & PHOTOS


We thank the sponsors of Night Cap Cross!!! This event would not be possible without them! Please support our sponsors!

Oakley is a Sponsor!

Miller Lite is a Sponsor!

Mullets is a Sponsor!

BIKEIOWA is a Sponsor!


RAD RACE COURSE! (Race After Dark!)

Let the Racing Begin!! We are super-excited to kick off this event and we are sure this will be a night to remember! Expect a compact, fast, tight and twisty race course loaded with switch-backs, run-ups, flats, barriers and much more! All in front of a ton of wild spectators!!

The Race course will be marked by 4:00 pm on Saturday afternoon.

View Mullets - Night Cap Cross in a larger map. NOTE: course not actual and is only intended to show area we will use.


Mullet's - just across the river from the Principal Park where the I-Cubs play

1300 SE 1st
Des Moines, IA 50315



See all the Registration info above.


The Fine Print About The Races: Held under USCF race permits (2013-3284). Helmets must be worn at all times when on a bicycle. No Free Lap! Criterium finish rule applies: lapped riders do not have to make up the extra laps. Mountain bikes are legal, no bar ends. All cat 4 and masters events open to un-licensed riders. 1-day USCF racing licenses will be available at the race for $10.00. Riders under 18 will need a parent-signed standard entry form and release or a parent at the race to sign the entry form or a 1-day license. Promoter reserves rights including revising the flier if needed.

$10 juniors, $25 all other (per day). $5 entry fee for second race on same day. 1-day USCF racing licenses will be available at the race for $10.00.


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