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Sun Oct 03 2010 10:00AM - 3:30PM


Take 17th Ave SW in Altoona to 4th St SW, East to 15th Ave SW, south to Lions Park entrance
Altoona, IA


Zealous Racing


Zealous Racing ordered up a Gorgeous Sunday for their race in Altoona on Sunday, Oct 3rd. Four races, 90 racers and a ton of spectators on a sunny day made for a great afternoon on the cyclocross series.

The course offered fast sections, grinders, pavement, gravel and grass, tight curves and plenty flowing banks turns to get the heart pumpin'! Thanks to Paul Jensen and crew for setting up!  The kids race was pretty cool too! Check out the photos!

Thanks to all who organized, setup/tore down, watched, brought food, took photos, etc!  Another testament to the growing cyclocross sport in Iowa!

PHOTOS:  Steve Fry | Julie Sedore | Becky Dean Fletcher | Steve Fuller |BIKEIOWA (coming soon!)



1 Julie Kirkpatrick Zoom Performance

2 Wanda Berg Team Q7

3 Michelle Pohlmeyer DMOS/RDMB

4 Jana Bachman BikeIowa

5 Maria Ruhtenberg PRC

6 Jill Swesey


1 Cindy Dubois DMOS/RDMB

2 Joann Schmidt Velorosa

3 Nancy Leysens DMOS/RDMB

4 Susan Cook Zealous Racing

5 Melinda Reese

6 Julie Goodman Velorosa

7 Dee Mable Velorosa


1 Loren Uscilowski Velorosa

2 Tricia Dewall ICCC

3 Darian Nagle-Gamm ICCC

4 Kate Clark Velorosa

5 Sheri Robinson Zealous Racing

6 Rachelle Little Zealous Racing

7 Kecia Place-Fenci


1 Kim Eppen ICCC

2 Lisa Vetterlein PRC

3 Darcy Sanford ICCC

4 Katie Fistler PRC


1 Kyle Sedore BikeIowa

2 Steve Goetzelman 30th Century Bike

3 Chris Cornelison DMOS/RDMB

4 Jason Plunkett Rassmussen’s

5 Bruce Reese BikeIowa

6 Scott Sumpter BikeIowa

7 Jeff Doolittle

8 Rick Bachman

9 Eric Larson LRS Racing

10 Daniel Davis DMOS/RDMB

11 Steve Fry


1 Jim Robidoux Zealous Racing

2 John Peters HBA

3 Mark Beatty Twisted Spoke

4 Tony Hibbs

5 Tom Laughead BikeWorld

6 Kim West Zealous Racing

7 Richard Gilmore Twisted Spoke

8 Thomas Davis

9 Jim Pratt Colorbiotics

10 Dan Bach DMOS/RDMB

11 Dennis Leaton

12 Susan Cook Zealous Racing

13 Harry Fortney DMOS/RDMB

14 Paul Buchanan Velo Syndikat


1 Tyler Rushing Kyle’s

2 William Rekemeyer DMOS/RDMB

3 Chase Fletcher DMOS/RDMB

4 Jake Vanderhorst


1 Brian West Colorbiotics

2 Don Machka North Iowa Spin

3 Adam Prusise

4 Gabe Geiger

5 Chad Mason Rassmussen’s

6 Andy Bach DMOS/RDMB

7 Andrew Zeiher

8 Tyler Rushing Kyles

9 Inigo Idarro Scheels

10 Perry Leysens DMOS/RDMB

11 Joe Riesberg 53x11 Coffee

12 Nick Sobocinsly Goosetown Racing

13 Ben Fistler BikeIowa

14 Will Stone

15 William Rekemeyer DMOS/RDMB

16 Paul Lovell

17 Steve Wiseman DMOS/RDMB

18 Ross Hacker

19 Jason Aulwes

20 Jarred Morford Skunk River Cycles

21 Jason Bernstein

22 Kevin Martens DMOS/RDMB

23 Dave Olsen

24 Cooper Riley

25 Robert Moural BikeIowa

26 Paul Jensen Zealous Racing

27 Tobin Bennet

28 Adam Albright

29 Steve Clark DMOS/RDMB

30 John Burkle Atlas Cyclng

31 Jeff Doolittle

32 Harry Fortney DMOS/RDMB

33 Jeff Dillard Team Skin

34 Jason Simpson

35 Steve Cannon

36 Darrick Watson

37 Wade Franck Skunk River Cycles

38 Steve Fry

39 Steve Doughty Rassmussen’s

40 Martin Trmitr

41 Bif Ridgeway

42 Frank DiTomaso

43 Dan Drefke

44 John Mickey

45 Mark West

46 Sam Auen

47 Boyd Burnham


1 Matias Perret ICCC

2 Ryan French Zealous Racing

3 Geoff Perrill ICCC

4 Jeremy Sievers Zealous Racing

5 Steve Bullerman Velo Syndikat

6 Josh Wandrey Scheels

7 Scott Robinson Zealous Racing

8 Carl Buchanan Velo Syndikat

9 Brian West CICC

DNF Adam Blake


1 Kevin McConnell ICCC

2 Brian Eppen ICCC

3 Cam Kirkpatrick Rassmussen’s

4 JJ Bailey Zoom Performance

5 Steven Robinson Zealous Racing

6 Chirstopher Mahary BikeIowa

7 Lane Anderson Zealous Racing

8 Rob Versteegh BikeIowa

9 Chad VandeLune Zealous Racing

10 Kim West Zealous Racing

DNF Steve Goetzelman 30th Century Bikes

DNF Matt Gumm Zealous Racing

DNF Jerome Rewerts Zealous Racing

Results compiled by Steven D. Robinson. Photos taken by Steve Fuller



Distance - 45-60 mins

Cyclocross race, part of the Scheels Central Iowa Cyclocross Series


Grass, Dirt, Pavement, and Gravel in Lions Park


Take 17th Ave SW in Altoona to 4th St SW, East to 15th Ave SW, south to Lions Park entrance

Lions Park
Altoona, IA 50009



Opens at 10:00AM and closes 5 minutes prior to your event.


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