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okoboji, iowa
okoboji, spirit lake, IA




Party Ride

Distance - 16mile route: 9am - 11:00am Around Big Spirit Lake 23mile route 11:30am 7:30pm Around Okoboji Lake 36mile Both rides combined. Start at 9am and end at 7:30pm Add 24 miles if you plan on going to Lake Park during your ride. (Total Miles 63) This new trail is opening the Tiki Ride weekend.

Sportsmans 10th Annual Tiki Bicycle Ride. It's a Tiki themed Bicycle ride in recognition of the NEW Tiki Bar in the back of Sportsmans. You do not have to dress up for this ride.
All bicyclist welcome.
The Ride: 1000+ riders (all ages).  7 Stops along the route. Most will have live entertainment for you to enjoy!
63, 36, 23 and 16mile routes. 
16mile route: 9am - 11:00am Around Big Spirit Lake
23mile route 11:30am 7:30pm Around Okoboji Lake
36mile Both rides combined. Start at 9am and end at 7:30pm
Add 24 miles if you plan on going to Lake Park during your ride.  (Total Miles 63) This new trail is opening the Tiki Ride weekend. 

All riders must register before 9am the day of the ride.  
*The most popular ride is the 23 mile route that starts at 12:00pm. Many riders will hang out and chat with new biking friends from 7am tip 11:30am and ride the second leg.
We have TWO FREE SAG trucks that is on call from 9am-7:30pm. (Available to registered riders only) At anytime you can call them to pick you and your bike up. 
Can't make the ride? Send in a check and we will mail you the shirt. 


The Fun Starts at Sportsmans/Spirit Lake, IA - Open since 1937. The doors will open at 6:45am. 
Be sure to check in early to meet your fellow riders and have a refreshment or two and to get your bike tuned or repaired by one of many sponsors.
We will have a tent set up to help you with any last minute repairs. Check in starts at 7am and the ride starts at 9am. The ride will start with a police escort and maybe even a tractor escort. The first portion of the ride is 16 miles around Big Spirit Lake, the largest natural Lake in Iowa. 
The first 16 miles around Big Spirit will continue along with West side of Big Spirit Lake. Five miles into the ride, riders will turn right/East and follow the grade, which is the Iowa/Minnesota Border. I bet you didn’t know you would be biking in two states on this ride? At the 8 mile mark, Sportsmans is offering a free bottle water stop. Stop and say "hi" to Little Gary. You'll see our 20 foot dancing man as you approach this stop. We will have music, chairs and volunteers excited to greet you at this stop. Don't forget to turn in your first ticket for an awesome gift. The ticket is located in your gift bag.
A special shout out to all the volunteers who make this happen! 
A couple miles later, you’ll veer to the right and continue South. Many of the bikers like to stop at Sand Bar Lodge (Optional). You'll find it is a taste of a small town Iowa bar and I mean REALLY SMALL on the shores of one of the prettiest Lakes in Iowa. The ride continues South and then back West till you come to the famous Fish Hatchery that supplies fish to many of the Lakes in Iowa
After this 16 mile ride you’re back to Sportsmans/Venue for a little Rest/Relaxing/Fun and Lunch. A SPECIAL GIFT is also given to all riders who make the first 16 miles. Sportsmans has gone ALL OUT to make your experience an exceptional one!! While eating, listening to our live music, you can visit the Bicycle museum all in the same room.

The FREE lunch for all registered bicyclist at Sportsmans (fresh fruit, vegetables, and Good Ole Burger Company Burgers and Oak Tree Barbecue will also be catering its famous Barbecue. Your lunch ticket will be in your gift bag - Registered Riders only.
After lunch, this will be the start of the 23 mile ride. 
11:30am - We now pedal on trails through the greatest part of the Iowa Great Lakes. This portion of the ride will take you by the Nature Center, butterfly garden, and a one room school house. We will continue along the Northern end of West Lake Okoboji and then heading South. Don't forget to look for the PINK PIGS. 50 PINK PIGS will be placed along the route. If you see one, grab it. Be sure to turn this into Sportsmans or Dave along the route or before 7:30pm. 10 lucky winners out of 50 PIGS will take home huge prizes! Our first sponsored stop will be PUB 19. It is about 7 miles from Sportsmans. You can relax on their beautiful deck overlooking Okoboji View Golf Course. Make sure you turn in your one free ticket for each stop. One lucky ticket winner will win a Special gift from each of our sponsored stops. You must turn you ticket in before the time posted.
The next stop is about 5 miles away at WEST O. This brewery won the best brewed beer in Iowa during the 2017 season. A bicyclist favorite! We'll then buzz by the famous TACO HOUSE - a locals hidden gem! 
And then its off to Okoboji... This area was long inhabited by the Santee or Dakota Sioux. The Dakota-language name for the Lake was Minnetonka, meaning "great waters". Now that we have you in the “spirit”, our next stop will be
Pirate Jacks and nautical (NEW for 2021). What A Great View of West Lake Okoboji! Its right in the Heart of Arnolds Park Amusement Park. Arnolds Park is in the center of the Iowa Great Lakes resort region and is home to a historic amusement park, which features the Legend Roller Coaster. Legend, which carried its first riders in 1927, is believed to be the 13th oldest wooden roller coaster in the U.S. In 2012 the amusement park was selected as one of the fifteen best in the Midwest region by Midwest Living Magazine. 
You're now only a 2 minute bike ride from the famous Spirit Lake Masacre site where 35 people were killed. If interested you can ask Dave(Cordinater/host) about checking out the historical site.
Next stop...Captains Getaway. All registered riders can park your bike inside the building next to stage on the lower level. You can now make your way up to the NEW roof top patio. 
Now you're next door to Smoken Jakes BBQ. Make sure you swing in and turn your ticket in for a chance to win one of many prizes from this great place! 

Enjoy your stop at Nautical for some scrumptious lunch!  Don't forget to turn your ticket in for a chance to win many pieces!
The Fun is just beginning! Next stop... The Ritz. Home of Iowa's Top 10 Burgers! Many riders like to eat at this stop. They heard about this incredible ride and wanted to be a part of it! They'll welcome ALL the riders with open arms! 
The Fun is building!
The Barn is Back! What an incredible view from the Barn! This historic barn brings you back to the good ole days! Get you taste of farm life. Don't forget to turn your ticket in!
Our final stop and Post Party is at SPORTSMANS! Here is where stories of the ride are shared and friendships are grown. You may even start planning your next ride with your new friends including telling outsiders about this ride next year. Don’t miss the post party! PRIZES will be given out at 7:30pm. There is so much more to share about this ride, but we can’t give away all our secrets. Sign up early and tell your friends. Please share this ride with other riders/clubs
See you Saturday, August 3rd, 2024 for one incredible day!
Send a $44.95 check to Sportsmans, 1609 Hill Avenue, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360.. Due before July 10th.  
$59.95/after July 10th
*You don't have to ride this event support the trails. Just mail in the check and we will mail you the shirt along with a few surprises! Plus Free shipping!
Make sure you book your hotel/motel early as they can fill up fast. Here’s the numbers:


okoboji, iowa

1605 Hill Ave, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360
okoboji, spirit lake, IA 51360


$44.95 if you register before July 10th, 2024 (Includes Free T-Shirt, Lunch Ticket, and a gift bag full of surprises) 
$99.95 If you register before July 10th, 2025(Includes Free Tiki Bicycle Jersey and Hat, Lunch Ticket, and a gift bag full of surprises)

$200 Route Sponsor If you Sponsor before July 10th ( Your business sign along the route, name recognition during morning speech) 100% of proceeds go to support the local Trails.


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