Sat Jun 22 2024 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Junction of Main and Cedar Streets, Elkader
Elkader, IA


Wolf Creek Cycling Company



Distance - 40 Miles (or 27 or 62)

Turkey River Gravel Ramble II

Gravel road bike ride, 27, 40, or 62 miles/100K

Saturday, June 22 @ 9:00AM - Elkader

Coffee & waffles (recommended) before the ride at Gear Elkader (201 N. Main Street)

9:00 AM - Ride starts from that part of Elkader (Main & Cedar St.) 

Ride date set in conjunction with nearby Turkey River Cabin Concerts June event, so also an option to check out several folk / bluegrass bands in an awesome setting that weekend.

Mixing the route up a bit this year in order to tackle the hills earlier, and then ease our way back at the end with that long stretch of gravel that winds along the Turkey river on Chariot Road. The routes start by warming up with a few miles of the Pony Hollow trail (crushed limestone) out of town before heading west. The Big Springs Trout hatchery is an option if you want to check it out (slightly off-route, but just look for the sign during mile 13). Soon after, we’ll head into a two mile stretch of one of the most beautiful disasters of a Level B road that I’ve had the pleasure of finding in Iowa. You might both love and hate it; mostly love!  It really is a thing of beauty, and was kind-of-almost-all-rideable last year…depending on your definition of rideable (but there might be a little walking…possibly some mud).  If it’s been a wet spring or you just don’t want to chance it…there are “No B Road” alternates for each distance that take you off the regular routes for a couple miles before returning. For those on the 40 mile and longer routes, you’ll continue winding along the river, past the Gilbertson Nature Center and on to the town of Elgin, where there are food/drink options at both the Elgin Tap or Guppy’s Convenience Store.  After Elgin, the 40-milers will head back on gravel roads that gently wind along the river back to Elkader, while the 62-milers will continue west, through Echo Valley State Park, along a trout stream (Otter Creek) back to Elgin again during mile 45, then on to Elkader. 

Although we’re in the “Driftless” and there are a few solid hills, it’s not too brutal since some long sections kind of wind along the river & a trout stream. Food/drink options afterwards at Fennellys’ Irish Pub (and for those interested, music at the Turkey River Cabin Concert - about 7 miles from Elkader - starts at 3PM that day).


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Junction of Main and Cedar Streets, Elkader

201 North Main St.
Elkader, IA 52043



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