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Sun Jan 06 2019 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Happenings Steamboat Rock
Steamboat Rock, IA




Fat Bike

Distance - 30 miles

In the neverending quest to create bad acronyms, the FIRFAR is born... Fantastic Iowa River Fatbike Adventure Ride. Sunday, Jan. 6 @ 10:00 A.M. Steamboat Rock, Iowa. A little under 30 miles total (probably around 27-28).

Why is it an adventure? Well, for one, about any ride in winter can be an adventure (even though I'm seeing highs around 40 in the long-term forecast so far, so may be more tropical than usual for this time of year). More importantly though, is that about 11-12 miles of the ride are on abandoned railbed (someday in the future to be paved Iowa River Trail, but currently "unimproved trail"). All the metal and railroad ties have been removed, so it's just a gravel base (alternates between some smooth, some medium, and some chunky gravel). There are also some kind-of-weedy-but-rideable sections. Bridges have all side rails removed and are best walked across. Again, it's "unimproved trail". Ride at your own risk, and don't expect a fast, smooth ride. It's an opportunity to ride some new-ish trail that very few have been on. Casual pace / no drop ride.

On one side of the river, we'll take a little road, then hard surface trails through Pine Lake State Park, and gravel roads, then after crossing the river and into Gifford, we'll take the Iowa River Trail (rail bed gravel) back. Warm up / take a break at mile ~21 at the Firehouse in Eldora before the last stretch of trail back into Steamboat Rock.

Start/End at corner of 5th and Market St. This is also where post-ride celebration/relaxation will be held (at Happenings in Steamboat Rock).

All are welcome. Fat or plus bike recommended. Mountain bike should work fine also. Gravel / Cross bike? Might work OK depending on tires and your comfort level with taking it through some stretches of chunky gravel on the trail portion.



Happenings Steamboat Rock

508 West Market St.
Steamboat Rock, IA 50672




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