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Sun Dec 09 2018 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM


Rockets Bakery - La Porte City
La Porte City, IA





Distance - 50 miles

Well, Mother Nature didn't cooperate very well on Black Friday for a long gravel ride. Will she play nice Dec. 9? Definitely! Well, maybe....

Triple Rock Ride. 50 miles.
1. Rockets (Bakery in LaPorte City) 9:30 A.M. ride start. I'll be there for a danish & coffee around 9.
2. Rock riding - Gravel roads and Old Creamery Trail (crushed limestone trail).
3. Rocky gorge (street art) viewing in Dysart (OK that might be a stretch for the third "rock", but when the first one is Rockets bakery....about anything goes) 

The Great Dysart Gorge-
Also "reversing the route", since Dysart establishments not open Sundays (except Casey's), so we'll head that way first, then along the Old Creamery Trail and take a break about the 2/3 way point in Vinton)

Route -

(if you have an account and are logged in, you'll see the export button so you could enter the route to a cycling computer or print off a paper copy)

No drop ride; re-group several times. Terrain is fairly level to mild rolling gravel hills and rail trail. Any bike without skinny tires should do just fine. Details on milage & main regroup/warm-up spots along route:
0 - Start in Laporte City at Rockets bakery
17 - Dysart - Street art / anamorphic illusion. Casey's at east end of town along the trail.
32 - Vinton - we'll rendezvous at the Ron-Da-Voo for a warm-up break
50 - back to LaPorte City - Getaway Bar & Grill (just a couple blocks from the bakery)
You are responsible for you. No SAG / support services. Weather can be pretty dicey this time of year. If it's pretty crummy that day due to really cold weather, high winds, precipitation, some combination thereof... ride will be postponed - yes again... probably to 2019. Check back prior to Dec. 9 for any updates.



Rockets Bakery - La Porte City

309 Main Street
La Porte City, IA 50651


No cost


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