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Sun Sep 23 2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Steamboat Rock
Steamboat Rock, IA


Ben Petty



Distance - 100K (62 miles)

GIRG (Gravel Iowa River Greenbelt) Bike Ride 
100 km (62 miles). Sunday, Sept. 23 @ 9:00 A.M.

Come and enjoy a scenic ride through the hills and valleys along the Iowa River greenbelt in Hardin County. The route is mostly gravel, with several miles of pavement around the pass-through towns, and some paved trail while traveling to and through Pine Lake State Park.

Information on the Iowa River Greenbelt area-

The route starts and ends in Steamboat Rock, Iowa. The route roughly parallels the river on each side, and if you’re a little pressed for time or have had enough before the end, there are several points at which you could shorten the ride a bit, cross the river and head back. 

Schedule: The “official” starting point at 9:00 A.M. will be at the corner of Market and 6th St. in Steamboat Rock - plenty of parking along Market Street across from “Happenings”.

Also, just before the ride...the Iowa River Conservation and Improvement Club hosts a breakfast every Sunday morning at the “Boat Club”, largely catering to campers in the area, from 7:00 - 9:00. Might be a good way to start the day for any interested. You’ll find the Boat Club by taking Main St. (D-35) to the west side of the river, then heading north on the road right alongside the river.

We’ll start out by crossing the newly renovated railroad bridge / new bike trail over the Iowa River, then head south on that paved trail towards and through Pine Lake State Park. The first pass-through town is Eldora, and the route through town takes you right along a Casey’s at about mile 15, just in case a stop for any provisions is needed. I anticipate a lunch-time stop later on at Iowa Falls (mile 38) for food and/or drink at the River Tap, which is located right along the north side of the river on Railroad Street, shortly after crossing the bridge.

After Iowa Falls, we’ll head roughly southeast along the river. For those that may be interested, we’ll pass right along Eagle City Winery at mile 47 (they are open Sundays 1-5, and do sell wine by the glass).

At mile 62, we’re back to Steamboat Rock. There is a gas station / convenience store (The Rock Stop) if needed. Post-ride celebration / relaxation at Happenings - on Market Street (trust can’t wander around Steamboat Rock for long without finding any of these pretty quickly).

Ride is totally self-supported; you are responsible for you (although I’d imagine folks may try to help out with issues that could arise along the way. We’ll always be less than 20 miles from the start/end point of Steamboat Rock, and if anyone has a major mechanical with no backup plan, if you can communicate that to me, I’d be happy to come and get you once I’m back to Steamboat Rock). Here is the route (if you're time-limited or want a shorter ride, you'll see a couple options before Iowa Falls to cut north across the river and head back).

While my preference would be to regroup periodically along the way - at least in Eldora and Iowa Falls - you are certainly welcome to ride as fast or slow as you want; spend as long or as little time in towns as you want. I’ll be going at my usual casual pace. 

If you wanted to camp the night before/after, there is camping just north of the Boat Club (Pine Ridge Park) or a couple miles away at Pine Lake State Park. Hardin County also recently built a couple cabins near Steamboat Rock along the Iowa River.

I'd like to get an idea on number of folks interested for any later planning and possibly let some stops in the towns know what to expect. Not required, but would appreciate sign up here -

Leave the skinny tires home, and I hope to see you there for a fun, scenic, dirty time!



Steamboat Rock

508 W Market St
Steamboat Rock, IA 50672


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