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Sat May 11 2019 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM


Captain Roy's
Des Moines, IA


Dr. Cranknstein


All right, now that there’s been some time for the dust to settle and for me to go through the boxes of Race Day remnants, I have prepared some results. First, another big thanks to Captain Roy’s for hosting us this year. I’m excited to be there again next year for Cyclo de Mayo XIV. Let’s also thank the volunteers for all their help. Without them, Cyclo de Mayo would be impossible. Watch for the route recap, coming soon.

As I hope you know, Cyclo de Mayo is a fundraiser for the Joan S. Gill Memorial Fund, which in turn primarily supports scholarship donations to the Joan S. Gill Nursing Scholarship at Mercy and, to a much lesser degree, maintenance of public bicycle repair stands on Des Moines trails, one at Ashworth, and one securely locked in the construction area at Mullets. (I am trying to gain access to remove/relocate the pump and stand until the bridge construction is completed.)

This year we raised just shy of $2000!

Congratulations to this year’s champs:

  • Todd Slaymaker: First Overall
  • Dave Cornelison: Second Overall
  • Zach Bonzer: Third Overall
  • Zach Bonzer: Fastest Single Speed
  • Scott Sumpter: Fastest Fat Bike
  • Becky Coffelt: Fastest Gal
  • Molly Gill, Fastest Bagger
  • Ben Condon, Fastest AARP Member

I hope to see all of you at Cyclo de Mayo XIV to defend your titles.

Of 42 pre-registered riders, 36 checked in on race day. We had 48 start the course this year, and 37 finished before the course closed at 3:14PM.

Here are the race results.

  1. Todd Slaymaker 1:11:52 First Overall
  2. Dave Cornelison 1:12:43 Second Overall
  3. Zach Bonzer 1:12:59 Third Overall, Fastest Single Speed
  4. Tyler Johnson 1:13:06
  5. Cole Ledbetter 1:17:47
  6. Tyler Puls 1:18:29
  7. Brian Johnson 1:18:37
  8. Brian Hegland 1:19:51
  9. Greg Frost 1:26:08
  10. Mike Welch 1:27:00
  11. Scott Sumpter 1:40:22 Fastest Fat Bike
  12. Chris Ahlers 1:40:45
  13. Grant Siders 1:40.56
  14. Austin Gill 1:41:32
  15. Tony Coppock 1:41:52
  16. Scott Edwards 1:44:15
  17. Ian Coffelt 1:44:17
  18. Becky Coffelt 1:44:21 Fastest Gal
  19. Molly Gill 1:44:52 Fastest Bagger
  20. Sue Edwards 1:45:02
  21. Robby Collier 1:45:06
  22. Mark Olson 1:48:16
  23. Don Parry 1:50:00
  24. Al Kramer 1:55:30
  25. Chris Mayer 1:56:30
  26. Ben Condon 1:57:30 Fastest AARP
  27. Kelsi Jurik 1:58:30
  28. Larry Cox 1:59:44
  29. Kevin Moreland 2:03:10
  30. Walter Githens 2:03:18
  31. Derik Spoon 2:13:49
  32. Laura Hildreth 2:13:57
  33. Will Hildreth 2:14:13
  34. Dave Pugh 2:25:39
  35. Robin McNeely 2:26:33
  36. Joli Vollers 2:26:36
  37. Elaine Imlau 2:32:49
  38. Sue Huber 2:32:58


DNF, in no particular order:

  • Loren Klein
  • Tim Heinle
  • Andy Zeiner
  • Amelia Neff
  • Charles Tebbutt
  • Hailey Tebbutt
  • Bradley Kuennen
  • Steve Falck
  • Lynn Jansen
  • Steven Tanner
  • Liz Waxman


Adventure Race

Distance - Expect to ride about 20 miles

Des Moines' Original Bicycle Poker Run will thrill again with a new theme and seven new checkpoints taking participants on a tour of the city. What will the tour be this time? More murals? Another architectural odyssey? Historical Iowa or Des Moines FIrsts? Time will tell, and so will this post. Soon.

As always, there will be fabulous door prizes awarded to the best poker hands, and trophies for fast finishers in the usual categories: Top Three Overall, Guy/Gal (depending on who comes in first), Single Speed/Fixie, Bagger, and AARP. If you sign up for AARP, please be sure to bring your membership card.

New for this year, we've decided to add a Fat Bike category! 

Crazy early bird registration is OPEN!

Where will the Checkpoints be? There's only one way to find out, and that's to come to Cyclo de Mayo XIII!

All proceeds from Cyclo de Mayo benefit the Joan S. Gill Memorial fund. Some of the fund is used to install and maintain the public repair stands at Ashworth Pool/Bill Riley trail head and Mullets/Meredith Trail. The rest of the fund benefits the Joan S. Gill Scholarship at Mercy College. Joan was a compassionate nurse and an avid cyclist who always had a smile. From the Mercy College scholarship offerings page:

Joan S. Gill Nursing Scholarship 
Funded by the relatives and friends of Joan S. Gill, Diploma Nursing Class of 1994, this scholarship will be awarded to full- or part-time students enrolled in any nursing degree program who are non-traditional in age (older than 25) and raising a family, with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher, and who may struggle with dual roles student/parent. Joan died in 2008 after serving as a mother/baby nurse upon completion of her degree at Mercy.

Ms. Gill was herself a non-traditional student, who understood the challenges of parenting and fulfilling her educational dreams. Family members wish to honor her legacy through scholarships to students in similar circumstances.

Please be sure to arrive before 12:15PM so that you have time to check in and get your race materials.

The course will open at 12:34PM. Checkpoint 1 will be announced at 12:32PM. Racers must complete the 7 Checkpoints, in order, and return to the Start/Finish Line before the course closes at 3:14PM in order to be eligible for trophies and prizes. The course is not marked. You will choose your own route from Checkpoint to Checkpoint, so knowledge of the city is a major advantage.

As I acquire prizes for the big day I'll list them here, and I will be updating other specifics of the event as details are available, so check back often.


The route will again be a series of seven secret checkpoints somewhere in our fair city. Checkpoint 1 will be revealed at 12:32PM,  just before the race begins. Subsequent checkpoints will be revealed during the course of the race. Expect to ride about 20 miles, depending on your navigational choices. Remember, you'll be choosing your own route based on your knowledge of the city and the maps provided at each Checkpoint.


Captain Roy's

1900 Saylor Rd
Des Moines, IA 50316


Early-bird registration is OPEN!  


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