Type: Rail Trail

Length: 89 miles

Surface: Paved


Above Average

Grade - Flat

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Lifetime Des Moines Group Ride

20 Thursday Sep 2018
  • Waukee, IA
  • Road
  •    363

Lifetime Des Moines Group Ride

27 Thursday Sep 2018
  • Waukee, IA
  • Road
  •    344

Iowa Trails Summit

12 Friday Oct 2018
  • Panora, IA
  • Meeting
  •    801

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Lake Country Cyclists join as BIKEIOWA Sponsor

  • bikeiowa
  • Wed July 4 2018
  •   686
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RRVT banquet: Scott Sumpter speaking & updates on huge trail projects

  • Chuck Offenburger
  • Fri February 2 2018
  •   2,000
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Hotel Pattee Cabin Fever Reliever

  • bikeiowa
  • Mon January 15 2018
  •   2,444
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TRANS IOWA V13 Video Pre-Race Preview and Recap

  • bikeiowa
  • Mon May 15 2017
  •   5,144
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Wade Franck Memorial Bicycle Ride

  • bikeiowa
  • Wed November 30 2016
  •   8,011
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Hotel Pattee offers rooms for $69 a night

  • Jay Hartz
  • Wed August 31 2016
  •   6,343
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Bike Camp at the Jefferson Trailhead Campground

  • bikeiowa
  • Sun June 26 2016
  •   8,379
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The Frontier Shack joins as a BIKEIOWA Sponsor

  • bikeiowa
  • Wed June 22 2016
  •   9,311
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Ferinheit Wood Oven Pizza joins as a BIKEIOWA Sponsor

  • bikeiowa
  • Fri April 8 2016
  •   6,926

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Iowa By Trail

Is the trail flooded in any of the low lying areas such as West of Perry, East of Adel and North of Redfield?

#5 - dbpaul8 posted Jun 25, 2015

Rode from Waukee to Redfield today and got to see and use the new concrete approaches to some of the bridges as well as a couple of the new paved crossings over gravel roads. Very nice!

#4 - Craigory posted Apr 21, 2014

Thanks for the update - was wondering the condition of the trail! Hopefully the rest of it is just as good!

#3 - keepitrealdrake posted Mar 14, 2014

Rode from Waukee to Dallas Center today. Trail is snow-free. There's a cool new art installation about halfway on the route. Riders won't be able to miss the water tank sitting trailside as a result of the horrible winds this winter. I bet the farmer it belongs to won't think to check the bike trail!

#2 - iowabikerides posted Mar 13, 2014

Found on the Dallas County Conservation website: The Dallas County Conservation Board will be working on a trail bridge on the RRVT located between H Avenue and I Avenue between the towns of Adel and Redfield. This section of trail between H Ave. and I Ave. will be closed starting Monday morning October 7, and is estimated to be opened up again Wednesday, October 9.
Do not enter this area of construction and repair.

#1 - dbpaul8 posted Oct 4, 2013

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