• Sun April 25 2021
  • Posted Apr 25
Help will be needed for a memorable event.

An event that bicyclists all over the country, and even some from around the world, look forward to every year is coming to Fort Dodge this summer.

That event is, of course, RAGBRAI. On July 26, thousands of bicyclists will pedal their way into Fort Dodge as part of that cross-state bicycle tour. They will stay in our city overnight before departing on the morning of July 27.

To celebrate their arrival, there will be food, drinks and entertainment. The theme Rollin’ on the River has been selected for the event.

The goal is to create a fun, safe and memorable event for the bicyclists. We want them to head out on July 27 thinking about what a cool place Fort Dodge is.

In addition to fostering a good impression of the community, the Rollin’ on the River festivities could also have some financial benefits. In a best case scenario, the event could have a $1 million economic impact.

To make any of that possible, volunteers are needed. In fact, lots of volunteers are needed. They will be needed to set things up before the bicyclists arrive. On July 26, they will be needed for all kinds of different chores to keep things running smoothly and safely. And after the last bicyclist leaves, volunteers will be needed to clean everything up.

Volunteering to help with RAGBRAI will involve some hard work. But it’s also likely to be fun and rewarding.

We encourage people to volunteer.

To do so, write to






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