• Sun June 23 2019
  • Posted Jul 5

The City of Dubuque will build a new multi-use trail connecting the Northwest Arterial at Chavenelle Road to Sieppel Road.

“This is all part of the overall trail plan,” said city civil engineer Jon Dienst, project manager.

The new trail will connect to an existing trail that runs along the arterial to just past Pennsylvania Avenue. The city’s eventual goal is to connect to the in-construction Southwest Arterial.

The new trail will run a little over 2 miles on the north side of Chavenelle Road, Dienst said. At 10-feet wide, it will allow for biking and walking.

The total cost is $1.1 million. The city is providing 20%. The rest is federally funded through an earmark related to the Southwest Arterial project from a 2009 federal highway bill.

Phase 1 of the project will connect Seippel Road to Radford Road, about 8,000 feet. This phase could be done as early as this fall, Dienst said, but may be delayed until mid-March 2020.

Phase 2 will be completed next year and will connect the...







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