Just in time for summer the Raccoon River Valley Trail will see new amenities in several spots in Guthrie County.

Through several donations to the Raccoon River Valley Trail Association, Guthrie County Conservation has received three bike repair stations. The stations provide several tools and an air pump for bicyclists along the trail, and County Conservation Director Joe Hanner says it is a goal of the Trail Association to have these stations along the entire 89-mile trail.

Hanner says he hopes to eventually have funds acquired for a fourth repair station in Jamaica, “We have the need for one more and I believe the price tag on those is about $2,000 a piece, but point being is the Trail Association’s set up to accept donations towards those. And so in Guthrie County we’ve been pretty fortunate where three of them have been donated. So we’re 75% done on the acquisition, now we just need placement and funding for the fourth one.”





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