• Jacob Peklo
  • Tue May 14 2019
  • Posted Jun 20, 2019

Have you encountered those confusing bike lanes in downtown Des Moines' East Village? Drivers would sometimes go the wrong way because they didn't know what to do. Now, those lanes are going away.

"As an active cyclist, I just don't want to see us losing protected bike lanes, when they're so important to the safety of cyclists in the Des Moines area," said Brad Overholser, the owner and operator of Fred's Bike Shop in Des Moines.

As a bike shop owner, Overholser deals with a lot of cycling issues.But now with the city's latest pilot program coming to an end,he believes there is still an opportunity for improvements.

"I think that we could have given it a little more time to see if it was going to work better," he said. "And maybe if they had done a little more educational outreach, maybe we wouldn't have had to do this so early."

Confusion over parking and difficulty clearing snow over the winter were factors in the decision.

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