• Mon October 24 2016
  • Posted Oct 24, 2016
As posted on the Jasper County Conservation Facebook Page.

As of Sat, Oct 22nd the final touches on the Chichaqua Valley Trail's new section of asphalt was done by finishing up the shouldering and sweeping the trail.

It is now asphalt all the way to Baxter. As Joe Engle stated "
it is a beautiful ride now from a quarter mile east of Ira to Mingo, Bondurant, Ankeny, Des Moines".

Go out and ride!





Today I rode from Bondurant to Baxter and back. The section East of Ira to Baxter is completely paved, but there are still sections with linear cracks and uneven asphalt which can be very difficult for my trike. I survived but you need to be carefully especially with much of the surface covered by leaves.

#2 - dbpaul8 posted Oct 29, 2016

So, is the really bad portion between Ira and Baxter repaired?

#1 - jelly0317 posted Oct 25, 2016

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