DES MOINES, Iowa —A new type of trail coming to Des Moines has mountain bikers excited.

The trails are popular in the western United States, where mountainous areas are plentiful. The flow trail proposed for Ewing Park in Des Moines would be one of the first of its kind in Iowa.

Aaron Vance, vice president of the Central Iowa Trails Association, said the organization has privately raised $27,000 for the project.

“Flow trail is a gravity-fed trail,” Vance said. “It basically allows you to go downhill without pedaling (or) without using your brakes a lot."

The flow trail will continue an alternative sport theme in Ewing Park. The trails will begin between the BMX course and soapbox derby track and wind up near the Ashley Okland Star playground for children with special needs.

"The trails are so popular already, so this just provides a different twist on something people are already using,” said Jen Fletcher, with Des Mones Parks and Recreation. “So we're excited to get it out in the park and get people on it."

The city would only be responsible for providing land for the new trail, which the Trails Association would maintain. Construction is slated to begin later this month and should be completed by the end of the year.

The $27,000 raised to make this trail possiblewas provided by grants from REI and Prairie Meadows, donations from Rasmussen Bike Shop and Scheels, and individual donors in the biking community.

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