The new CVT trail extension west of Bondurant remains CLOSED … STAY OFF!

The following message is from Loren Lown (Natural Areas and Parks Administrator, Polk County Conservation)

Perhaps you might have the ear of impatient bikers from the Bondurant area where we do not. Two bikers crossed multiple construction barricades and rode toward Des Moines almost to the active paving operation. They rode through hundreds of feet of freshly poured trail before workmen stopped them. The mix is very stiff and "somewhat" supported them for a considerable distance (we are talking up to 450' of trail.)

The damage was significant. The work crew was able to patch some of the freshest damaged trail but it will surely require that we repair and/or replace other sections. The damage is going to be very costly and delay opening. We can't open a trail with this kind of fault and liability. In-line skaters would be going down like ten-pins.

The sheriff was called and the names of the two are known. If we seek restitution it will be very painful for all parties.

I know everyone is anxious to see and ride the trail but this is unacceptable. Would you please ask the members of the trail community that you have contact with area to request of their associates that they be respectful of construction closures - they are there to protect the public and prevent vandalism (even though it was unintentional) from occurring.





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