• Mon June 10 2013
  • Posted Jun 10, 2013
The new Bondurant Trail-head Depot exterior is finished, but the interior spaces still have some finishing touches. They’ve started work on the concrete that will connect the depot to the trail. Things look to be on schedule for the Grand Opening on June 22. Also, I have noticed that there’s been grading work on the extension of the Chichaqua Valley Trail into town.

Geographically, it is just north of South First Street, which was the center of activity back in 2010. It sits on the old railroad right of way, and the shelter’s design is based off of the Bondurant railroad depot that used to sit on almost the exact same spot.

The finished project will have restrooms, picnic tables, and historical displays telling the story of the city and the rail line. It will be a hub of the regional trail system, with connections to the Chichaqua Valley and Gay Lea Wilson trails and a future extension of the CVT to Four Mile Creek.

New depot photos by Steve Young

Some earlier depot photos





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