• Mon June 10 2013
  • Posted Jun 10, 2013
The asphalt surface renovation project planned for the Chichaqua Valley Trail began with the patching of cracks and surface faults.

Cool rainy weather has delayed the application of the product to rejuvenate the surface of the asphalt. The material is scheduled to be applied in June when we have a consistent 85 degree forecast.

The application will begin at the trailhead on NE 88th St. and go approximately 1.25 miles to the East.

Please do not ride the trail if it is closed.

Polk County has begun mowing trail edge, applying herbicide at the immediate edge of trail pavement, and spraying noxious weeds along the trail.

More Chichaqua Valley Trail updates from a local trail user.
I was just on the trail Saturday June 8th and it is closed between Mingo and Ira and a little bit beyond Ira. They are getting ready to resurface. If you are on a cross or Mountain Bike you are fine but i wouldnt recommend a road bike. The trail is dirt/concrete and rocks right now. It is going to be very nice when finished.

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