The artist tasked with creating a piece of public art at Waukee’s Racoon River Valley Trailhead said Wednesday he’ll have sketches for the public to review in June.

But before he could do that, David Dahlquist said gathering ideas from the public was essential to his creative process, which was why he and around 10 community members held a brainstorming session Wednesday evening at the Waukee Community Schools administration building.

The Waukee Area Arts Council and Raccoon River Valley Trails Association helped organize the meeting.

Cindy DePond of the arts council said people have come to Waukee for many years because of the school system and the art should reflect on the value of education.

Others who attended said they’d like people to be able to use their mobile devices to interact with the art. In addition, some people who spoke said the project ought to reflect the city’s historic connection to the railroad system.

Dahlquist, a senior partner with RDG Planning & Design and former artist-in-residence at the Des Moines Arts Center, said he and his associates will take the ideas gathered into account as they draw up plans.

Dahlquist said he’ll keep communicating with trail enthusiasts to create an iconic symbol for the trailhead, which is located at 10th and Hickman Road. The art will reflect on the city’s past, present and future, Dahlquist said.

Scott Crawford, who is assisting Dahlquist in the project, said the art will use lighting and become a destination point for trail users.

The project has been spearheaded by the trails group and is expected to cost more than $200,000. Organizers say it will be financed mainly through private donations. The city of Waukee kicked in $10,000 to kickstart the project in March.

Dahlquist said the project will have a web page soon.





agree on the bathroms! end of April & bathrooms locked in Yale, Cooper, & Jefferson! Dawson just opened up a little over a week ago.

#3 - sparkie posted May 6, 2013

Or winterize the bathrooms so that they can be used year round!

#2 - dbpaul8 posted Apr 26, 2013

Maybe after they spend the $200,000 on art they could find some money to put a map of the trail at the trailhead...

#1 - Bramasoleiowa posted Apr 25, 2013

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