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Sat Jun 27 2020 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Tranquility Park
Omaha, NE


Omaha Velo


Mountain Biking

Distance - 9 mile loop

Psycowpath Mountain Bike Series


Online Registration

Click that big red button to the right by 6pm Friday.

**SPECIAL NOTE** Due to usually heavy sign ups at the last minute, we strongly advise not registering using your phone after 6:45pm the night before. You've been warned. :)

YOUTH 18 & UNDER & Kiddie: All racers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the race waiver on site. There is no online registration for the kiddie races. Please fill out waiver at the registration table.

Day of Registration

Day of registration can only be done at the race venue and will add $10 on top of your entry fee. Cut off time for same day registration is 30 minutes prior to your event. 

Race Day Schedule

8:00am Trail Run Race

9:00am Mountain Bike Races All Juniors

9:30am Trail Run Awards Presentation

10:00am Mountain Bike Races Marathon & Cat 3

10:15am  Junior Awards Presentation

11:30am Awards Presentation All Cat 3

12:00pm Mountain Bike Races Cat 1

12:05pm Mountain Bike Races Cat 2

2:30pm  Kiddie Races – Parents, please sign kids up at the registration tent.

2:45pm  Awards Presentation Cat 1/2/Marathon

NEW Race Distances - 1 lap = 5 miles

  1. Trail Run – 1 Lap
  2. Marathon – 4 hours
  3. Juniors - 1 Lap
  4. Cat 3 – 1 Lap
  5. Cat 2 – 2 Laps
  6. Cat 1 – 4 Laps
  7. Kids – Course TBD at venue

NEW Course

Strava Link here

Race Start/Finish Location

Please see Strava segment for details.

NEW Venue

The location of the new start/finish is on the south side of the creek that runs through the park. For those that have been racing long enough, it's where we used to stage the event. We'll have porta potties and water for the participants but there is no running water and shade is limited. Please come prepared.

NEW Directions

Race Parking Location

Parking  will be at the main Tranquility Soccer Complex at 4006 N 120th St. Accessing the course will be via the gravel service road beyond the north gate. No motor traffic, outside of official event staff, are permitted.


The Course
These trails are primarily single track, though there are also some short sections of doubletrack connectors. A good mix of terrain can be found here – everything from tight, swervy switchbacks through pine trees, to wide open grassy climbs, to speed-building swooping descents. There is a good amount of climbing to be had here (by Omaha standards) and plenty of areas to pass.


Tranquility Park

12302 Fort St
Omaha, NE 



Preregistration cut off is Friday before the race at 7 p.m.

Racers under the age of 18 need a parent or guardian to register them and sign the waiver at the event.

Register at USA Cycling and log into your account using your license number.This does not mean you have to buy a license. This is just to sign up for the race. If you do not have a license then just create an account. You will then use this account for the rest of the season. If you do have a license, then you don’t need to start a new account. Log in with your license number.

Day-of registration can only be done at the race venue. The cost is $10 on top of your entry fee. Cut off time for same day registration is 30 minutes before your event.


7:30 am – Registration closes for Trail Run

8:00 am – Trail Run Race
1. Men Under 40
2. Women Under 40
3. Men Over 40
4. Women Over 40
*Depending upon turn-out, groups may be started together.

Race Distance – 1 lap for all runner classes

9:30 am Trail Run Podium Presentations.
(Registration Closes for morning mountain bike races)

10:00 am Mountain Bike Race

  1. Marathon Men & Women
  2. Cat 3 Men 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
  3. Cat 3 Women Open
  4. Juniors

11:30am Awards Ceremony Cat 3/Juniors/First Timers
(Registration Closes for afternoon mountain bike races)


  1. Cat 1 Men 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
  2. Cat 1 Women Open


  1. Cat 2 Men 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
  2. Cat 2 Women Open

2:30pm Kiddie Races

2:45pm Awards Ceremony Cat 1/2/Marathon

More info on Categories here.

RACE DISTANCES – Mountain Bike 

  • First Timers, Juniors – (1) 6 mile lap
    This category will skip the South Hill and exit the singletrack at the West Entrance, taking a sharp left on the gravel and entering the single track on the north side of the creek. They will also skip Paul’s Motivator, on the NW corner of wetlands area, which is located on the very north side of baseball complex. They will ride the single track on the east side of the fields.
  • Cat 3 Women, Cat 3 Men, Fat Bikes* – (1) 9 mile full length lap
  • Cat 2 Women, Cat 2 Men – (2) 9 mile laps
  • Cat 1 Women, Cat 1 Men – (3) 9 mile laps
  • Marathon (4 hour) class will ride full length laps
  • Kids/DEVO races will start after the Cat 1 & 2 races are complete. Parents need to sign their kids in at the DEVO check in table. DEVO coaches will determine course.


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