Type: Urban Trail

Length: 2 miles

Surface: Unknown

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Lake Country Cyclists join as BIKEIOWA Sponsor

  • bikeiowa
  • Wed July 4 2018
  •   901
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The Iowa Taproom joins as a BIKEIOWA Sponsor

  • bikeiowa
  • Wed June 29 2016
  •   5,156
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Ferinheit Wood Oven Pizza joins as a BIKEIOWA Sponsor

  • bikeiowa
  • Fri April 8 2016
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Des Moines' Bicycle Friendly Community Feedback Report

  • bikeiowa
  • Sun July 12 2015
  •   361,975
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Is Des Moines ready for a Bicycle-Friendly designation upgrade?

  • bikeiowa
  • Tue March 31 2015
  •   5,737
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Polk County’s Water and Land Legacy Bond

  • ss
  • Thu October 18 2012
  •   35,209
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E911 trail marking for Polk County

  • ss
  • Sat October 6 2007
  •   4,446

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