Matching donations from friends of Kyle's Bikes, Rasmussen's, and Bike World

Please join Kyle's Bikes, Rasmussen Bike Shop and Bike World in this worthy cause to raise money to help the Iowa Bicycle Coalition have the financial resources necessary to end fatal bicycle accidents. We believe in your generosity and that is why each of us is donating the first $1,000, we hope that our customers will match and exceed our $3,000 donation.

per Iowa Bicycle Coalition's post...

As cyclists, we have all had close calls with automobiles. We all know people who have been injured or killed by an automobile driver.

We want to end fatal bike crashes in Iowa, like the one that killed our friend Wade Franck one year ago. We are partnering with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to pass a bicycle safety law in 2017. Nobody likes to admit this, but passing a bike safety bill will cost money. Lobbyists, printing, postage, and other expenses will likely exceed $20,000.

We are asking customers of Kyle’s Bikes, Rasmussen's, and Bike World to contribute to this campaign. The safety of our friends is so important to us that we are each donating the first $1,000. We believe in the generosity of our customers and that you will match or exceed the $3,000 from us.

The governor announced bike and traffic safety is a priority for the legislature. We want to make sure the Iowa Bicycle Coalition has the tools in place to pass a bike safety bill. The time for the legislature to act is now before one more bicyclist loses a life in Iowa.

And, the time for you to act is now. Please join our challenge to match our $3,000 contribution. Donate $10, $100, $1,000, or as much as you can. Help us end fatal bike crashes in Iowa.








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