Many new changes this year to the Bike Rags line up. Four new designs and a bunch of color changes.

Bike Rags was hard at work all winter long coming up with new ideas and testing new products. Ok, it's not really work, but non the less we are really excited about the new designs we have for you this year. We kept some of the best sellers from last year and changed up the colors as well. And for the ladies, your requested have been heard and we have provided, the new V-necks are awesome! Our testers LOVED them! The bamboo shirts wear so nicely; soft and durable. One quote was that it was the kind of shirt you can wear to bed! If you wear anything in bed ;)
And as always, everything is printed with reflective ink.

So go check em out and let us know what you think. We love to hear any and all feedback. Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

The weather is changing; go ride your bike!

"Ride Safe"






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