YO! Just lettin' ya know that this event occurred in the past. So don't go planning your day around this one.


Sat Feb 25 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Mickeys Irish Pub Waukee
Waukee, IA


The Nineteen14


Party Ride

Distance - 24 miles

Road bikes, fat bikes, cruisers, tandems, unicycles, bmx, mountain bikes, trikes, recumbents, teams, individuals, individual teams, team individuals, EVERYONE IS WELCOME. 

Starting at Mickeys Irish Pub in Waukee and going north on the RVVT to The Nineteen14 inMinburn then returning to Mickeys. Ride starts at 9am. Bands, beers, food and drinks at both Mickeys and The Nineteen14. This is not a timed event so ride as fast or as slow as you would like. 

Registration is $40 ($10 of each registration goes directly to the RRVT TO HIGH TRESTLE CONNECTOR) and includes a t shirt and 2 drink tickets and RRVT registration pass for the day. 


Mickeys Irish Pub Waukee

50 SE Laurel St.
Waukee, IA 


RRVT from Mickeys Pub Waukee to The Nineteen14 in Minburn and back. (24 miles)




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