Sat Mar 04 2017
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Cumming Tap
Cumming, IA


kent carlson and jed gammell


Gravel Ride

Distance - 62 miles

CIRREM is a 100k (62 mile) bike race/ride that starts & ends at the Cumming Tap.

This ride takes place in the cold, nasty, hilly gravel roads in the middle of winter...don't sign up if there is a chance you will not attend.  that said we look forward to seeing your smiling grit covered faces at the end of february.

The course is laid out via cue sheets, and tours the gravel hills around Madison County. This is a race/ride, with pre-ride breakfast, & post-race beer & food provided with your registration fee.

NOTE:  Race Registration opens up at 9pm on Nov 25th and it will fill up in a few minutes.



Cumming Tap

117 N 44th St
Cumming, IA 50061


Cue sheets will be given at registration. Plan on 100k (62 miles) of hilly Madison County gravel.


Register at (REGISTRATION OPENS AND CLOSES on Nov 25th.)

$25 registration, which includes breakfast, a few beers & lunch. Some form of CIRREM schwag will be included that you can't live without.


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