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Thu Oct 13 2016
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Firetrucker Brewery -or- Reclaimed Rails Brewery
Ankeny -or- Bondurant, IA


Reclaimed Rails Brewery and Firetrucker Brewery


Trail Ride

Distance - Unknown

Who's ready for weekly bike rides between Reclaimed Rails Brewery and Firetrucker Brewery!!!

Tired of fighting the crowd on the weekly ride to Cumming? No problem. Come enjoy this easy 15 mile ride with us on the Chichaqua Valley Trail!  The BeerCycle Ride will be every Thursday starting May 19 starting at 5 pm from each location. Held every Thursday night all spring, summer and fall.

Hit up your friends and local bike groups to get a group ride going and start at either location!

Start at either brewery and ride the Chichaqua Valley Trail and the Gay Lea Wilson Trail between Ankeny and Bondurant.

Food will be available at both breweries

      -- Firetrucker Brewery - Leaning tower Pizza can be ordered

      -- Reclaimed Rails Brewery - Food Truck available

Live Music

      -- Reclaimed Rails will have live music from 6-9.



Firetrucker Brewery -or- Reclaimed Rails Brewery

716 SW 3rd St Ankeny -or- 101 Main St SE Bondurant
Ankeny -or- Bondurant, IA 


Trails between Firetrucker Brewery and Reclaimed Rails Brewery


No Cost - free is a great price


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